All About Coffee, how much Caffeine have, Good and Bad effects

Every morning, millions of people around the world start the day with a cup of coffee.  is so popular in the world, one of the most popular drinks. Coffee how much caffeine is often done in various studies. It is useful or harmful to our health.

The coffee is many times connected with serious illnesses like heart disease or cancer.

But thousands of research shows that it’s not as harmful as it used to be.

Experts say that for a lot of people, coffee has more benefits than harmful consequences for health.

You will read about the positive things about coffee consumption.

The coffee successfully works against mouth and throat cancer.

An analysis of 5000 people suffering from head and throat cancer has been made, comparing them to 9000 people without cancer.

Italian scientists have found that those people who drink four or more coffees a day reduce the risk of throat or mouth cancer by 39 percent,

which is a very positive result for its consumption. It reduces the risk of a stroke in women.

Research A study by American scientists has proved that drinking four or more coffees a day, this time reduces the risk of stroke in women by 20 percent.

If women do not smoke cigarettes in addition to consuming coffee, then the risk of brain cancer a blow to 43 percent, which is great for health, especially for women.

Coffee continues life expectancy.

Scientific research conducted by the University of Madrid and Harvard University has made an interesting conclusion that this can prolong our life.

proving this finding they made an analysis of 84,000 women and 41,000 men.

Before starting the testing it was found that they had no heart disease or cancer.

All the participants in the survey were monitored for a long time.

The men were supervised for 18 years and the women 24 years. In the end,

it was found that those who drink coffee had less mortality, unlike those who did not consume it.

The main reason for this result was a smaller percentage of cases with heart disease in those who drink coffee.

Coffee helps to better remember.

For example, those who make a coffee break makes it easier to memorize the lesson.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

A study involving 50,000 men that lasted from 1986 to 2006 showed that men who continuously drink decreased their risk of prostate cancer by as much as 60 percent compared to those who did not drink coffee.

Reduces the risk of heart disease.

A study in California showed that people who regularly use coffee are less likely to come to the hospital for irregularities

The rhythm of their heart.

The results obtained from one of the largest researches in this field of 34,500 participants showed that moderate consumption of coffee reduces the risk of a heart attack by 20 percent.

It reduces the risk of breast cancer.

The results obtained from the studies made at Umeå University in Sweden showed that women who drink at least four coffees daily had fewer chances of breast cancer at the differences of those women who drink only one cup a day.

There are other benefits of drinking coffee:

reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease at 80 percent if you drink at least 3 coffees a day,

the risk of colon cancer is reduced by 25 percent

the chance of cirrhosis of the liver by 80 percent.

helps in treating and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

It lowers or prevents headache

.It improves mood and accelerates metabolism.

Prevents the onset of dental caries.     

Now, we will also get to know the other side of the risks of drinking coffee.

Drinking large amounts of coffee may occur next.

Problems with sleep.

causes better concentration and alertness, so those who have a problem with sleep should avoid it.

The greater the risk of osteoporosis.

Coffee caffeine is not a factor that greatly affects osteoporosis however it affects the risk.

contains caffeine which affects the excretion of calcium from the body and thus weakens the bones.

However, studies show that if women receive a sufficient amount of calcium, then it will have no effect on the development of osteoporosis.

Dehydration of the body.

The cup acts diuretically, encourages more ejection of body fluids, it is best to take coffee when it is consumed while drinking it on a glass of water at the same time.

There is an effect on cholesterol.

We start coffee in the morning; we do not even think if the coffee has a care in consequences as cholesterol.

Research shows when we overdo it with their drinking, over 6 coffees a day can increase cholesterol.

Bonus tips

Here’s how the number of cups of coffee can affect you.

1 cup per day


One cup a day regulates blood pressure and has a positive effect on blood vessels.

It is a cup full of excellent antioxidants that stimulate brain activity.


This is enough to disturb your sleep.

It takes 8 hours for caffeine to leave the body.

So enjoy your coffee as a morning ritual, but avoid it in the evening.

2 cups a day


This amount is an excellent prevention against Alzheimer’s disease, ie, from this amount grows protein in the brain that affects memory loss.

It will give you a great deal of energy.


In pregnancy, this is too much caffeine, which can cause miscarriage.

3 cups a day


This amount prevents ovarian cancer.


But this amount increases the risk of a heart attack.

4 cups a day


4 cups of coffee contain about 400 milligrams of caffeine and is a very powerful antioxidant that cleanses the body and helps fight various types of tumors, cancer, and diabetes.


This large amount can lead to rheumatoid arthritis and cause nervousness and anxiety.


The coffee has many positive elements of his drinking, the experts agree. But the most important point is that his drinking should be moderate to three coffees day, because drinking a large amount may have some negative consequences.