How to Clean White Sneakers Easy and Fast

White sneakers are beautiful, we all like to wear them, but we get the most frustrated when we have to clean them. With the end of the winter season, when we have a lot of snow, rain, and dirty boots, comes the time when we gladly wear white sneakers.

They are the favorite shoes of many because they can be an integral part of any combination.

However, we can not forget that, unfortunately, due to the white color, they get dirty very easily.

8 Ways to Easily Clean White Sneakers

The following tricks will help you easily and simply clean the white sneakers so that they shine like new.

1. Use white nail polish to cover the scratches on white sneakers

Simple and effective for covering the scratches on sneakers is nail polish.

For this purpose, you just need to lightly apply white nail polish, just make sure it is thick enough to cover the scratches.

2. Use shampoo and detergent to clean your shoes

Walking down the street, you are more likely to step on car oil somewhere.

Especially in white sneakers, it is immediately recognizable.

To remove grease, use a brush with shampoo or dishwashing detergent.

3. Use a toothbrush when it comes to stains on white sneakers

You have stains on the sneakers do not worry, you will clean them immediately.

Soak the stain with warm water, add soap and rub with a brush until it disappears.

4. Use wet wipes, or vinegar to remove stains

All of these ingredients will do the job and the sneakers will shine again.

For example, take a clean cloth, soak it in vinegar and gently rub the stain.

5. Wash the sneakers by hand to keep them white and clean

Hand washing is a great way to clean your sneakers.

Wash them with warm water and remember to dry them at room temperature.

6. Cotton cloth for easy cleaning and drying of white sneakers

If you want your sneakers to dry faster, rub them with a cotton cloth.

There is only one recommendation, you should do it exclusively with a white cotton cloth.

7. Do not leave the sneakers in direct sunlight

UV rays can damage your new sneakers.

Too many UV rays can even contribute to a change in their color, which would really ruin the sneakers.

8. Never put them in the washing machine

Many of us use the easier way, which is to simply put the sneakers in the washing machine.

Rolling inside the machine does not suit sneakers, even though it is only 30 degrees.

It will quickly destroy your sneakers.

An even worse effect is that there may be discoloration and sagging of the glue, and you will eventually have to buy new sneakers.