How to Support Children in eating Healthy food

Tips on how to Support Children in eating Healthy food! We all want our children to eat healthily and live in a healthy environment. But nowadays there is so much food that is industrial with many additives. It is best for our children to eat natural food, preferably grown at home, and also prepared in-home cuisine.

Support Children to eat is not easy, but is a nice thing. Kids are just kids, they eat everything that has been proven to them,  whether it’s healthy for them or not.

Kids often know how to say “mom buy me chips, buy me salts, etc”. Simple industrial food with its flavors entice kids as well as adults.

A recent study shows that fast food and your brain are addicted, a connection is created. that is, the need to re-consume.

Children sometimes watch television, cartoons, and snack all the time, which is certainly not a good thing, especially if it is unhealthy food.

Lately, children are becoming more obese, often getting allergies, and sometimes have problems with the heart, which was not the case in the past.

Food is not the only factor, but also the external factor, the environment, and the air, and other factors.

How to protect children from unhealthy foods?

First of all, we need to know what healthy food is for our children, which will enable proper development and nutrition.

Healthy nutrition for children is 50% bowls of cereal, 30% vegetables, and fruits, 10% legumes, 10% nuts (almonds, walnuts).

The very important thing is preferably groceries of organic origin. Thermally processed food should be as low as possible.

Daily meals for children and their health

Here’s what a daily diet for kids should look like:


– Puree of organic whole grains (barley, oats, wheat, corn), with a supplement of honey or seasonal fruit (apple, plum).

– Breakfast can also be eaten with wholemeal bread.

-Organic whole grains can be bought at health food stores, while organic fruits are a little harder to find, better than some close-knit friends.


For snacks, it is best and recommended that children eat fresh seasonal fruits.


– lunch should be mostly stew with vegetables, cereals. For lunch can also rice, potatoes with additives.


-Dinner should be similar to breakfast, with yogurt as well.

Ice cream?

Children, as well as adults, enjoy ice cream. The ice cream we buy as a cookery product has many supplements that make it tasty, but there are also harmful ingredients.

Optionally make your child ice cream at home using a banana (or some other fruit that is thicker), along with fruits such as raspberry, strawberry, apricot.

Finally, freeze the ice cream into molds and it will be ready for consumption.

Of course, we cannot completely stop eating ice cream from the store, but when you are able you can make your kids healthy and beautiful homemade ice cream.

Which juices are healthy for our children

Buying juices with various supplements should be avoided. It is best for children to drink water or teas without sugar.

Since they certainly want to drink juices then they need to consume freshly squeezed juices made at home, just so you can be sure they are actually drinking healthy drinks.

Avoid giving your kids a lot of candy and sweets, it would be better to eat fresh fruits, biscuits, and wholemeal cookies.

Replacing healthy foods with unhealthy foods should be done gradually so that children can get used to new flavors. Because it is the hardest thing for children to get used to new food tastes.

When children eat stew, vegetables or something similar should be added gradually, as they are unlikely to feel it.

Salted foods and salt, in general, should be minimized as a spice, as we all know how harmful it is to both adults and children.

Salt is one of the major contributors to heart disease. Many countries around the world are trying to reduce the presence of salt in the products themselves.

Children should avoid chips, fried foods such as French fries, and canned foods.

All of this should be gradual because we all know that a child or adult will hardly resist chips. Or if it can’t be stopped food, then reduce to a minimum such food.

Children should not achieve anything violent. Only gradually change the food,

because they themselves will realize that healthy food is important for their health.

Our children would surely consume healthier food if we were used to it from birth and if they did not provide them with salted and sweeter food.

It means that we, as parents, need to eat healthily, to be an example to our children.

Which foods should we replace with natural and healthy foods for our children?

Meat – the best substitute for meat is nuts, seeds, and similar foods

Milk – the best substitute for it is water, freshly squeezed juices (of course milk should not be completely discarded due to calcium for bone and tooth development).

Chips – probably the hardest thing for kids to get off the chips. Replacing them again is popcorn, whole organic products.

Sweets – a recommended substitute are homemade fruit ice cream, wholemeal cakes with honey.


In today’s article, we’ve covered a very interesting topic for our children’s health, more specifically their nutrition.

Healthy food is very important for the proper development and growth of children. Try to take advantage of today’s tips, whether you succeed in applying them fully,

however successful you will be, however, success for you. And of course for the better health of your children. and to all children, children are our greatest asset, worth a try.