Cherries and Cranberry, Medicinal Fruit for Health

Cherries and Cranberry, Medicinal Fruit for Health? Yes, that are great fruits for health, with nice benefits , that’s why we need to include them in our daily diet.

These two fruits have beautiful nutrition value and lots of vitamins and other great things.


Are sweet-tasting fruit and one of the most desirable fruits. They represent a real gift from nature. We know them for their medicinal properties.

In its composition contain iron, calcium, vitamin C, and folic acid. These ingredients protect the heart and blood vessels, improve immunity, strengthen the bones.

They also help with kidney and rheumatic problems. They stimulate the work of the intestines, help digestion.

Just do not have to eat before lunch, in such a situation we will have the opposite effect and the food will slowly boil. They work very well against cavities and gum problems.

Cherries reduce the natural aging process, reduce wrinkles, and act positively to reduce cellulite. They get a lot of health and beauty, so we should certainly have them in the daily diet.

Sour cherries

This fruit, except that it is very tasty, gives the beauty of our body. They have a wealth of iron, folic acid, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, and fiber.

The sour cherries are used as a remedy for many diseases and inflammations of the organism.

If we drink 250 milliliters of sour cherries every day within 2 weeks, the level of triglycerides will be brought to the required level and normalized.

Scientific tests have proven that 20 sour cherries are enough to eat daily, to get the same effect as analgesics of the type of ibuprofen.

The place where we can drink medications in some situations can be replaced by sour cherries.

They protect the nervous system, reduce the risk of cancer, especially from colon cancer.

They also help those who have breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Also prevent or reduce the occurrence of heart disease, the risk of diabetes.

The sour cherries are used in keeping diets because they give the satiety to the body.

At night if you drink sour cherries, it will allow you to sleep easier and more beautiful.

From the branches of this great and healthy fruit, tea is prepared, which helps in the fight with cellulite, impotence, kidney diseases, and cough.

There are only sour cherries in the summer, so we need to make the juice on time, and we have all year round.


They are a natural antibiotic, red fruit. It has a very interesting taste, slightly acidic, it is because of the fact that it has a large amount of vitamin C, which gives it this distinctive taste.

It is commonly consumed as juice, and rarely as dried or frozen fruit.

Some of us do not like this fruit because of its sour taste, but a large amount of vitamin C and A, cellulose, and minerals are still a good reason to eat as much as we can from this healthy fruit.

They have one feature that makes it stand out, it’s called a natural antibiotic,

because of its properties and health that we get with its consumption. Cranberry is truly in the fight against bacteria, as well as bladder problems.

It is very good in the prevention of urinary infections, especially in women, pregnant women, and those with diabetes.

If there are bacteria already present, cranberry help not to stick to the walls of the urinary tract, thereby helping to get rid of our body.

When we regularly use cranberry, after several months, it helps to remove bacteria like echelon carts and heliobacteria.

Cranberry helps to destroy harmful bacteria in the mouth. A particularly prominent feature is that it improves eyesight.

She has the power for a very short period of time to restore cells from our body, after a disease. There are excellent results in cancer patients due to a large number of antioxidants.

It is recommended that people who have diabetes are more likely to use it. Due to the fact that they have a low amount of sugar, which reduces blood glucose.

Recipe how to prepare cranberry juice.

Put 1 liter of water in one bowl, add three kilograms of cranberry, start cooking until the bark begins to crack. Then crush it and drain the liquid through the gauze

Place the container with the liquid on fire and cook for another five minutes, and gradually place 250 grams of sugar in it.

Then a foam will begin to appear, which you should collect with a spoon, and throw it away.

The juice is ready, while still warm, place it in previously clean and heated bottles, leave it cool, and then we can drink it freely.

It has been scientifically proven that three glasses of daily consumption helps us to increase the level of antioxidants and increase good cholesterol.

In such a situation, the chances of heart disease and diseases of the blood vessels are reduced to 40 percent.

Council. In today’s text, we are introduced to the healing properties of three excellent fruits, and in the end, we may need to do as much as possible and drink natural juices, because we can have numerous benefits for a better quality of life and health.