Cellulite With Weight loss, How to Protect Skin

Cellulite With Weight loss of how to get rid.Has always been an enemy of women. Unfortunately, millions of women have a problem with the appearance of cellulite on the body.

They also call cellulite orange skin. It is most common in women with 90 percent, while it is very rare in men.

Apart from the legs, it appears on the stomach and hands. It is the reason for creating distrust among women.

Women are the main victim of cellulite. It appears at the age of 14 with the onset of puberty, and slowly the condition worsens over time and years.

Some main reasons for the occurrence of cellulite are:

1. Improper nutrition.

Nowadays, we are very busy with the obligations of both business and domestic with the family with children, we are increasingly using fast food.

Unfortunately, fast food is full of saturated fats, when we add alcohol and caffeine consumption, they together contribute to the appearance of cellulite, because the toxins remain in the fat tissue.

Many believe that strict diets can help reduce cellulite, which is certainly not true.

Since the body in that period thinks it is starving and to compensate, in fact, it helps the release of cellulite.

Salty foods are the cause of cellulite, salt stops fluid in the body, and thus causes the development of cellulite.

2. Smoking cigarettes.

Smoking is bad not only for your health, but it also reflects our appearance.

By smoking, our skin loses its elasticity, and the aging process accelerates. The appearance of our body increases.

3. Dehydration of the body

Drink water is one of the most important things to maintain the body. With the help, the water is tossing the toxins.

That’s it only part of the activities for less cellulite, so if you drink a lot of water does not mean that we would have cellulite. Toa is just one of many things to have less cellulite.

4. Hormones.

They act with great importance in the fight against this thing. The estrogen and progesterone stimulate the formation of cellulite.

The gesture affects the number and place of fat cells in the body. It supports the development and growth of fat cells in the body.

Progesterone has the function to keep fluid in the body and contribute to weight gain.

The change in hormones at some point in our life, especially in periods during puberty or during pregnancy, create an opportunity.

Women who use oral contraceptive pills have a much greater chance of appearing * orange skin *.

5. Exposure to stress and tension of the organism.

Maybe someone will be surprised, but the facts show that stress and tension contributing to the appearance of cellulite.

In such situations, muscle contraction results, which in turn affects the process of purification of the body.

To reduce stress, the best solution is meditation and yoga.

6. Slight physical activity and too much sitting.

The physical Activity is more precise exercises, exercise is the number one activity for maintaining the entire body and the overall body health.

Exercise strengthens the entire body, helps to accelerate the metabolism and purifies the body from toxins.

Seeding causes cellulite and fat deposits on the thighs, the stomach, or more precisely in those places where the cellulite appears at most.

7.Notting tight clothing.

Text outfit reduces circulation and causes the appearance of cellulite and increases the visibility of the same on the body.

8. Genes.

Specifically if one of the family has cellulite, they may have other. Certainly, this does not mean that we need to reconcile with it, we can do many things so that we do not have cellulite.

When it comes to results we should not expect too much. There are different means that can help in its reduction and visible improvement.

It is necessary to pay attention to the diet, as much physical activity as possible.

It is necessary to make massages at places affected by cellulite and of course need to drink enough water.

In the media, on the Internet, there are hundreds of products and treatments that promise to be the best medicine for us to help.

Some of them really can help reduce, others do not help. It is never known that the reaction in everyone is individual.

There is also cream, we should be careful to have a substance in the composition of the methylxanthine group, more precisely caffeine, aminophylline, and theophylline.

Scientific studies prove that these substances absorb liquids and dissolve fatty deposits.

We can also use a cream that contains retinol in the composition, it stimulates the production of collagen and the skin becomes stiffer and tighter.

This does not disappear immediately, it takes a period of time.

Hard is too completely lost, but certainly should use methods that reduce cellulite, so you get smoother skin with less cellulite.