Castor Oil Health Benefits for Hair, Skin and More

4,000 years ago, the Egyptians used castor oil health benefits. It is important to note that castor seed is poisonous, but it is therefore processed and used as a medicine. The most toxic element is castor. However, during the processing of its oil, this poisonous substance is removed.

Ricinus or Castrol oil have the Latin name Ricinus communis belongs to tropical plants. The African continent from where it originated reaches a height of 12 to 13 meters.

Where did it come from?

Long ago in the distant past, castor oil was used in many different fields of medicine and beauty in the territory of Africa, India, and the Mediterranean region.

Castor oil is one of the first to be used for industrial purposes because of its high viscosity, which makes it an excellent and high-quality lubricant.

The British Castrol company did not coincidentally get its name from the English name castor oil.

Castor oil is one of the best, most nutritious medicinal vegetable oils, making it successfully used in medicine and cosmetic purposes.

Two types of castor oil are commonly used for your hair:
organic castor oil and black castor oil.

Cold-pressed organic castor oil

It is produced directly from castor oil, without heating only using a mechanical process.

This cold-produced oil is a guarantee that all the nutrients will remain, and will not be lost during production. Otherwise, the oil has a pale yellow color.

Castor black oil

In the production of this oil, the castor oil is first roasted and then pressed to extract the castor oil.

The difference between the two castor oils

The biggest differences are in the way the oil is processed, in particular, the castor oil.
Castor oil is obtained by pressing fresh castor seeds without heat and is therefore called cold-pressed oil.
While black Jamaican oil is prepared in a completely different way by roasting the castor oil, this oil has a specific taste.

This oil is purer and superior to its nutritional composition.

In terms of color, cold-pressed oil is pale yellow, and Jamaican oil is black or dark brown, and sometimes extra dark.

Compared to the two oils are great, but probably Jamaican oil is a little better.

It is best because it has greater benefits for hair and skin care. Jamaica oil has many more beneficial segments for our health.

Our consumers or users say they are more satisfied with Jamaican castor oil.

Castor oil benefits your nails

This oil is ideal for the care of your nails, it strengthens brittle nails, enhances their growth, and nourishes and nourishes the skin around the nails.

A way of use:

All you need is a few teaspoons of coconut or almond oil, and add a few drops, more precisely 10 drops of castor oil.

Put the prepared mixture in a vial. You can use it daily or after each nail polish.

Castor oil can be used for 24 diseases

Holistic medicine uses this oil to treat diseases that are no longer effective at regular therapy. That is, to a degree, that is somewhat resistant to traditional therapies.

1. If you have allergies and problems, they will disappear if you drink five drops of this natural oil in the morning.

2. Very good for future mothers, if they have massaged their stomach for the last two months during pregnancy, they will have no stretch marks.

3. Hearing loss has been noted if you drop a few drops of this oil in your ears.

4. Make compresses with castor oil to disappear from the pilonidal cyst.

5. When facing serious eye allergies, put a few drops in them before going to bed.

6. Improve your digestive system and if you have problems with your stool, put lining around your stomach.

7. Successfully removes tetanus by drinking 6 to 8 drops daily for one month.

8. The appearance of warts can be a very unpleasant experience. Apply this oil over a month to disappear.

9. Eliminate or reduce the occurrence of skin cancer if you use castor oil and baking soda.

10. It is very common for someone to have a bee sting. This great oil will help them heal faster.

11. It has been reported to help heal faster from hepatitis using compresses.

12. An interesting point is its use for the possibility of treating alcoholism, all of which require linings.

13. A very important feature is the reduction of carcinomas that are in the terminal phase, also with the lining.

14. When you have wounds, cuts, and bruises on your skin, they will heal quickly if you treat them with castor oil.

15. All of us sometimes get hurt during sports or some other physical activity. Apply this miracle-coated oil on the wrist and leave the lining to work all night, the result will be visible the next morning.

16. If you apply castor oil to the eye at night before bedtime with regular use you will be able to cure the cataract.

17. When facing pain in the lower back, apply castor oil to relieve the pain.

18. Eventually, calcium deposits on the soles may disappear using and massaging with this oil.

19. We all want our hair to grow faster. For this purpose, massage your hair always before shampooing, about 20 minutes with castor oil.castor oil health benefits

20. Fungi often appear on the nails. With daily treatment with this great oil, they will disappear.

21. Putting compresses with this oil on the strainer can reduce problems with a stool.

22. If you have brown freckles, they can be whitened. All you have to do is mix baking soda and oil and apply it in places where you have freckles.

23. For anyone who is experiencing hyperactivity, they can cure compressive compresses with stomach oil.

24. Sleep deprivation will disappear if you regularly use compresses on your stomach for a period of two weeks.

Castor oil is used for medical and cosmetic purposes

Medical use of this great and healthy oil

A natural laxative for your body that helps cure stomach ailments, bowel cleanses, and stool adjustment.

With smaller doses at short intervals, the oil helps if you have stool or constipation. in adults 5 to 15 ml, and in children up to 5 ml.

When the recommended amount in a few hours (2 to 5 hours), the body receives mild stimulation and purification of the intestines.

Consult your doctor before using this medicine as people with health problems such as hemorrhoids or other serious bowel problems may experience irritations.
If it bothers you, you can mix it with natural orange juice.

An excellent remedy for fungal infections

Due to its properties, castor oil has anti-fungal effects. It helps in the treatment of fungal infections, dermatophytosis, and athletes’ foot.

Method of use:

Heat a certain amount of oil and let it cool until it gets soft to the touch. Before going to bed with cotton, just apply the oil to the infected areas and leave it on for an entire night.castor oil health benefits

Do this every day, all week until you notice that the infected areas decrease and heal. Then repeat the procedure only if necessary.

Castor oil is used against arthritis

This oil has extremely calming and anti-inflammatory effects against arthritis.

The first thing that can be done is massage the castor oils into the sore areas which can help reduce the pain.

Second, it can be put from the oil along with hot water, the effect should be to reduce pain and relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

Method of use:

For the second treatment, it is necessary to dip the castor oil in a cotton swab and put it in a sore spot.

Then put a foil and a bowl of warm water on it and leave it on for 45 minutes.

Castor oil is a miracle for your hair and skin

This oil has a positive effect on your hair, giving it shine, improves hair structure, stimulates its growth, and shine.

It is obtained by extracting from the fruits of the castor plant. Very cheap and natural way to improve hair condition, so everyone should use it.

Except for the hair, it reduces the scars on the skin and lips makes them soft and shiny. If you choose to use it should be daily in the period. The hair will shine and become thicker and prettier.

But why is it so effective for your hair?

Castor oil contains fatty acid ricinoleic acid, which can also be found in rare species of mushrooms.

Due to the fact that the presence of this acid in this oil, shows strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. castor oil benefits:

  • Provides moisturizing to the hair and enables the transfer of nutrients to the hair and skin due to the fact that it has the power to provide long-lasting hydration and nourishment to the hair roots.
  • Provides hair growth, eyebrows, and eyelashes, even in places where they have already fallen out and do not grow, encourages and renews their growth.
  • Contains omega 9 fatty acids, which allow repairing certain hair damage caused by the use of chemicals, dyes, hydrogens, and the like. This fatty acid prevents dryness of the skin and hair.
  • Helps maintain moisture in the skin and hair. With regular use of this oil, your hair becomes soft and supple.
  • The best results are achieved with the use of cold-pressed oil. Its golden-yellow color and mild fragrance are characteristic of this oil. Its use reduces wrinkles and skin stains.

How is it applied?

Because castor oil is very sticky and thick, it should not be applied in large quantities, and hair should be damp.

If applied in large quantities the effect will be greasy and without hair volume. Important to remember is the application to the tops or hair roots.

When applied hair should be covered with a bag and a towel, and wait for about 2 hours.

During this time the hair and skin absorb castor oil. Finally, rinse the hair with warm water, apply balsam and wash it again with warm water.

Another way to use it is to put two drops of castor oil on your hands daily, apply it on your hands, and then apply it to your hair,

gradually increasing the dose until you notice that your hair can no longer stand, that is, it becomes too much.

As mentioned above, it is also successfully used for lips, which by using castor oil becomes softer and beautiful.

It removes or softens scars because it penetrates deep into the skin and acts.

It improves skin hydration

This oil is ideal for your skin. We can freely call it a natural moisturizing cream for the skin.

It is well hydrated for dry and problematic skin. All you need to do is apply only a small amount of oil on a regular basis,

and the results will be evident, you will have more beautiful, hydrated, and healthy skin.

If castor oil is too greasy and difficult for your skin, feel free to dilute it slightly with almond or coconut oil.

Side effects of using castor oil

As with any product, castor oil has good side effects, but side effects are possible.

Although these side effects are very minor compared to the benefits, we should also mention them.

First of all, it should be noted that pregnant women, persons with bowel problems or other gastric pain should consult a doctor before use.

Only the recommended dose should always be used, as a higher dose of this oil may lead to diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, abdominal pain a bloating.


In today’s article, we have paid attention to the miracle of nature castor oil, more precisely its oil.

We have hair, skin, and many other benefits, in short, for the whole body.

Castor oil has very few side effects if you use a larger dose than you would expect.

Although this oil is healthy, you should always consult your doctor before using it.

Ultimately use castor oil because its benefits are really great for maintaining your health.