Tips for Perfect Care of dry skin

The dry skin is unpleasant to the touch and appearance and it becomes quite a lot tightened. In such a situation it is a sign that it is time for extra care to get it to restore tender soft and smooth skin.

Care of dry skin is not easy. Today there are many people who have this problem on dry
skin, most often in the lower legs of the knees feet, hands and face, rarely to appear on the stomach and thighs.

There are several factors for dry skin inherited factors, consequences of aging, or caused by a disease.

There are also external factors that can affect the skin as a frequent bath with hot water,

the use of strong soaps, gels, little use of moisturizing creams, any time spent in hot rooms, cold weather, and other external factors.

The difference that causes the dry skin has some ways to help restore it the beautiful look of the skin. What should be avoided if you have dry skin?

1. Do not a lot of time to shower with hot water. The water of water removes the natural oils that hydrate the skin.

The same effect occurs and clogs have long been the shower. It’s best to shower around ten minutes a day and be warm water.

2.Use of softer soaps. All strong soaps, detergents can harm the skin. It is best to use gentle products and hydrating gels

You need to pay great attention when choosing a hand soap or detergent for washing dishes because we use them most often and most during the day.

3. The use of softer sponges for bathing, Because the rubbing itself with them can lead slight damage to the skin.

Normally this does not mean not being used sponges, just be gently pressed.

4. Shaving should always be soft skin. Naturally, the skin should always be softened, or it’s best to do it is done after showering when the fibers are softer.

Always before shaving obligatory yes apply a gel or shaving cream, and let it stand for at least three minutes start shaving. The best effect is shaving to be in the direction of the hair.

5. Never do not use a shaver that is out of reach. You should more often change shaving razors after several uses. Because old razors additionally irritate it dry skin.

.6. Never wear wet socks and gloves. Mosquito gloves and socks
can easily lead to irritation and coughing, itching and inflammation of the skin.

7. Do not overdo it with warming your home. Too much heat in
your home reduces moisture on the air and acts negatively on the skin dries it.

It’s best to maintain a normal temperature in your home, preferably can the air circulate freely. Or you can also use a humidified air.


1. Immediately remove the make-up.

Avoid very rough wiping with the towel, because it will irritate your skin. Only gently tie the skin with the towel, but let it stay a little damp.

2. Do not forget it hydration.

Hydrating cream, as well as milk, are very good care that does not
allow the skin to remain without the necessary moisture.

The best moisturizing cream for Care of dry skin
or milk for 3-5 minutes after showering, while the skin is still

3.How much you can eat foods with omega 3 fatty acids.

Symptoms that show that your body needs omega 3 fatty acids is visible with the appearance of itching and dry skin.

3 fatty acids harden the skin and protect it to keep natural oils. Great sources of omega 3 fatty acids are sardines, salmon, flaxseed, walnuts, and other nutrients.

.4.Concern more water.

You need to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to keep your skin stay hydrated.

5.Clothing from natural fibers.

Get clothes out of natural fibers, because
it allows the skin to breathe, while woolen and synthetic clothes
cause skin irritation.

6. Use sunscreen.

The sun may damage the skin and then it loses its ability to conserve it. Moisture. Use a sun factor with cream for 30 minutes before you exit in the sunlight.

Also, do not forget to protect it in winter because the winter sun can cause some damage to the skin to some extent.

7. Exfoliate your skin.

Care of dry skin with Hydration cream if used on exfoliated skin, purified from the dry layer of dead cells. Be sure to use the peelings not to overdo it, do not get the opposite effect on the skin. Exfoliate the skin to the whole body once a week.


Olive oil.

Olive oil is a great natural remedy for dry skin. It softens the skin of the knees, elbows, feet, hands, and faces

When you feel that your skin becomes tensed and dry, before the moisturizing cream or if you use milk for a fat thin layer of olive oil.

If your lips flick your faces, you can simply turn them into soft and beautiful by coating a thin layer of honey.

Piling with brown sugar and olive oil.

For removal of dead skin cells, more precisely from the surface layer, mix equal amounts of brown sugar and olive oil and gently apply the mixture to the skin with circular movements.

Mix from honey and yolk.

Mix egg yolk with 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey and Apply a mixture of face and neck with a gentle massage. Feel the skin after fifteen minutes. Save your skin before having more serious consequences, and make sure that the skin will return you in the best possible way, and it is always to have a beautiful soft skin with handsome and shine in view.