a Nearest Eating place to me for Candys yes or no?

A Nearest Eating place to me for Candys yes or no? We all want to eat sweeteners no matter our age, from children to adults, there is no one who can resist sweeteners.

There are many myths and truths about how the sugar we ingest has a positive or negative impact on our health.

The nearest eating place to me for eating sugar is common to all, and that the sugar and its products we consume every day is still detrimental to our health if we consume it in greater quantities.

In today’s text, we will focus on just how the use of large quantities of sugar and its products affect our health and its consequences.

Sugar contributes to tooth decay and caries.

We all think that sugar from sweet products spoils our teeth.

In fact, they spoil because when we eat sweet products,

the interaction between sugar and the surface of our teeth creates an acid that is responsible for the rapid decay of our teeth.

every meal with sugar to immediately brush our teeth, and prevent acid buildup and tooth decay and cavities.

Various problems with the skin of the body.

Consuming different types of sugar-rich foods as well as certain types of dairy products can lead to reactions to our skin.

These reactions are manifested by acne, rashes, redness and similar symptoms caused by excessive sugar intake.

Weight gain.

Certainly one of the most important and most important things is to have a slim body,

which besides affecting our beauty and appearance, has a huge role in maintaining our health, the weaker we are, the healthier we are.

Sugar is the cause that leads to obesity

Many studies show that there is a link between consuming sugary drinks and foods and obesity.

Sugar is okay if consumed moderately like any other food, but when we ingest more than our body can consume,

then We come to a situation where sugar is stored in the body.

It creates fatty acid that is stored in the fat cells that it contains in the stomach, thighs, and hands.

The risk of diabetes increases.

When we consume foods that contain glucose, our body releases a certain amount of insulin,

which has the function to convert that glucose into energy for the body to work.

That’s fine, the problem arises when you ingest too much sugar.

The body then releases an excessive amount of insulin, which can later contribute to the development of hypoglycemia or insulin resistance.

In such a situation, our body cannot properly absorb glucose sufficiently.

 leading to the most sedimentation in the liver and bloodstream.

All of this leads to the possible occurrence of diabetes. Also, one should not forget the fact that great if we get diabetes in such situations, it can be crucial.

and the genetic factor itself and the propensity for diabetes.

Great desire and need for sweet products.

We all need to know that when we consume sugar and sweeteners in our body our brain releases a certain amount of dopamine.

Dopamine contributes to feeling nice and comfortable.

This way we can easily become addicted to this beautiful feeling and look for it more often.

A mild scientific study related to sugar made in mice showed that when they had unlimited access to sugar,

they showed signs of dependence on it.

Risk of liver disease and damage.

Although initial liver damage has always been linked to excessive alcohol consumption,

the latest research is increasingly proving that sugar and its products can significantly damage the liver, almost as harmful as alcohol does.

Amounts of sugar can cause the liver to fade, which can damage it.

Memory problems and dementia may occur.

The conclusion of one study showed that a diet high in sugar can directly affect the brain’s ability to retain short-term and long-term memories.

This study found that consuming only one month of high-sugar, high-fat foods in lab mice showed a decrease.

Another study was done in 2017 also shows a link between high sugar levels with the progression of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

sugar cause for depression.

Any sugar-rich food leads to inflammation in our body, which in turn means a strong indicator of depression and a high level of stress in our body.

The occurrence of heart disease.

Excessive amounts of sugar-rich foods can affect the functioning of the heart and can contribute to various cardiovascular diseases.

Scientific research has been done in this area.

The results showed that respondents who consumed about 20 percent of their calories from sugar and its products

during the daily diet had an increased risk for the heart.

Specifically, they were at risk for cardiovascular damage or disease.

increased by as much as 38 percent, which is a very negative moment for our heart and therefore for our health.

All this does not mean that sugar should be thrown out of our diet at all since we get a lot of significant energy from it to be able to function and meet our daily obligations,

but we should be careful to eat moderate amounts so we do not come. in a situation where we do harm to our body and our health