Recipe for Reducing Cancer, with the Latest Research

The latest research suggests that foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins and high-quality vegetable oils are the recipe for reducing cancer development opportunities. Scientists from around the world are carrying out various trials to find a cancer solution.

An absolute solution is still there are no, but new positive moments are found every day that slowly but surely make improvements in the treatment of cancer.

We hope that one day it will finally be resolved and found a cure for this disease.

German researchers working in this field have found that The diet has its influence.

After many years of research, they concluded the following. They found that cancer cells need sugar.

Any reduction in sugar intake will hamper their development. With reduced sugar intake, we can prevent prematurely we protect against the possible occurrence of cancer.

There is no guarantee, but with a healthy diet, we will keep healthy cells and can help in the treatment against cancer.

Glucose remains the main source of energy. You should avoid storing too much sugar, which is going with the consumption of fast food, or foods with a lot of sugar.

Healthy eating foods are fish, products with large amounts of protein, meat, vegetables, salads, and high-quality cooking oils.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Care should be taken on choosing to eat fruit that does not contain much sugar, such as grapefruit.

Avoid foods that contain hidden sugar, such as ketchup, sauces, and ready-made dishes.

Less bread, potatoes, and pasta because the starch turns into sugar. All the products in which the starch turns into sugar, how much we can reduce if we can not eject them.


Doctors recommend yogurt, sour cream. Because the lactic acid they contain reduces the feeding of cells infected with cancer.

We need to reduce carbohydrates, we need to enter as many proteins. Protein sources are meat, fish, and eggs.

Healthy fats.

Healthy fats are extremely important for the body, as they create energy, they reduce carbohydrate decomposition. They also help starch from bread or other products that have starch,

will slow down much more slowly and blood sugar levels will not increase.

When using fat, it is advisable to have a high quality such as linseed and olive oil. A proper diet is just one part of it, should do our best to be healthy.

Work and sports.

Riding a bike strengthens immunity, preferably three times a week after 30 minutes of cycling or walking.

Preventive checks are one of the most important things. Timely detection of cancer can greatly contribute to its treating and disabling the progression of the disease itself.

Linseed and oil.

The linen contains a large number of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids,

all of which provides a wide application in the field of medicine, and in this case, it helps in preventing cancer.

Nowadays, we can use 100 percent pure linseed oil that we will easily fit into our diet.

The taste is slightly stronger than the usual oil, it is recommended to drink one tablespoon together with a half glass of juice,

only to be in the morning on a hungry stomach.


It is possible to change its name as a gift from nature. The latest research shows excellent results in cancer patients.

The most important ingredient in its composition is curcumin, which positively affects various types of cancer.


Great ingredient A large number of antioxidants help fight free radicals that are causing the formation of cancer cells.

His majesty is garlic.

The garlic is widely known for its anti-cancer properties, more precisely the sulfur-containing it is the one that protects against skin cancer, the prostate, the colon, and the stomach.

It prevents the multiplication of mutated cells and eliminates toxins through the liver.

Green tea against cancer.

It is enough to have two cups of green tea a day, to stop the growth of cancer cells.

According to a study in Japan done on 500 women, drinking more green tea before and after breast cancer surgery have a reduction in the chances of recurrence of cancer.

In another study in China, drinking green tea has also proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, pancreas, and stomach

Positive green tea indicates lung cancer, where the chances of cancer are reduced by 18 percent.

Omega 3 fatty acids.

They have the most in fish. Their activity, in addition to preventing the occurrence of malignant cells, also saves the further development of the already infected cells.

Those who suffer from cancer, with regular consumption of fish, have a greater chance of malignant cells stop growing.