Cancer of the Lungs, How to Avoid and Protect

Cancer of the Lung is the first in terms of mortality compared to other types of carcinoma. Lung cancer is a disease that is very difficult to detect, more often it is revealed when it is already in the advanced phase, which reduces the chances of her being treated.

1,200,000 new cases are being discovered annually, of which, unfortunately, 1,000,000 are prematurely ending their lives.

Men most commonly suffer from this disease.

this type of cancer is the first about other carcinomas.

Most commonly, this disease is present in men aged 50 to 60 years old. Although in recent years it has also been more common in younger generations.

Early diagnosis is most important for the cure.

The problem with this disease is that it is very difficult to detect when it is at an early stage.

Most often it is revealed when it is already in the advanced phase, but then the chances of healing are very small.

Regular systematic examinations are the best indicators, so that eventual early detection.

Although the disease is one of the most severe, today’s modern medicine can greatly help in treating, ever, and completely cured of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is one of the most common diseases in those who smoke cigarettes.

We are all aware of this risk, but many of the world’s population continue to smoke cigarettes.

Recent research suggests that 90 percent of men and 70 to 80 percent in women are more likely to get lung cancer due to smoking cigarettes.

As we have said in the world there are several smokers, but statistics show a decrease in this poor addiction.

People are becoming more aware of the consequences of smoking cigarettes and, what consequences are caused by cigarettes.

More and more people try to quit or reduce their cigarettes in various ways.

Although the reduction is much more difficult to control, it is best to completely quit cigarette smoking.

The lung’s cancer slowly but surely becomes genuine a threat to humans.

According to experts, apart from cigarettes, air pollution is also a major threat to the lungs and the appearance of cancer.

Measures are being taken to reduce air pollution, but is that enough?

According to the latest research in the UK has had 6,000 deaths in lung cancer, the problem is that these people never smoked cigarettes.

These studies have shown that lung cancer is the eighth most common cause of death, although it did not smoke cigarettes.

is that smoking is the main cause of cancer, but with time, the research focused on this habit,

which neglected other possible factors for the emergence of this dangerous disease.

Always smoking was considered the number one factor when it was in question cancer, but here we should ask whether and how much air pollution can cause this disease.

A major problem is the delayed detection of lung cancer.

Even nowadays when the patient’s lung cancer is detected, firstly you see your new history or your relationship with cigarettes.

Doctors pay less attention to other factors that can affect lung cancer, for example, pollution.

The problem is with people who are tempting the theory that if they do not smoke cigarettes, not going to have a problem with the lungs.

This way of thinking leads to the wrong direction.

The diagnosis will be very late because the patient will not seriously grasp the symptoms when they occur.

Whether we smoke cigarettes or not immediately when the first symptoms get immediately go to a doctor.

You need to know the following symptoms of lungs  cancer to act immediately:

1 Cough that lasts for a longer period of two weeks.

2 Cough that does not calm down and gets worse day by day.

3 Various inflammatory lung infections.

4 If coughing coughs blood.

5 When coughing and breathing, we feel pain.

6 With very effortless effort, we immediately tire and breathe.

7 A constant sense of fatigue and lack of energy to carry out daily obligations.

8 The symptom is when we start to lose our appetite and inexplicable weight loss.

Food for those who smoke cigarettes

All those who smoke cigarettes should consume foods that will allow them to cleanse their lungs more often,

in order to reduce the chances of occurrence of various diseases, among which, in the first place, is lung cancer,

since cigarettes and their harmful substances are the number one reason for it is a sign of this dangerous disease for human health.

Smokers have twice as many chances of lung cancer as opposed to those who do not smoke cigarettes.

It should be remembered that as long as we inhale nicotine, tar and other harmful chemicals from our cigarettes, our lungs simply can not be clean.

However, there are groceries that with their consumption can quite successfully

help to get rid of a large number of toxins from the lungs and generally from harmful substances in our body.


One of the best groceries, because it contains beta-cryptoxanthin in its composition.

It is one of the powerful powerful antioxidants that are thought to protect our lungs from cancer.


Another powerful antioxidant for the prevention of cancer, which can mostly be found in salmon, tuna, eggs, and cereals.


Indefinite vegetables without which the food we cook will not be beautiful and tasty.

Also, the onion contains anti-cancer properties. They protect our body from infections and the appearance of lung cancer.


Ginger is used more and more is learned about its benefits when it comes to human health.

It can be eaten daily as an additive in a meal, or to drink tea. It greatly affects the ejection of all toxins from the lungs.


Fruits that are highly used in the everyday meal, which works very refreshingly and with a very good natural taste and smell.

Similar to corn in the composition except for vitamin C, it contains beta-cryptoxanthin for the prevention of cancer of the respiratory organs.


The superexcellent plant that is used in many foods in our kitchen. It contains a large amount of iron. The food helps us with all possible lung infections.

What foods are they to avoid?

Consuming fresh and natural foods should be consumed as often as possible.

Avoid as much as possible processed foods. To not eat foods such as flour, dairy products, and sugar and sugar-rich products.


In today’s text, we have made a glimpse of lung cancer, a very common disease, especially in smokers.

A disease that is very dangerous to human health, its prevention in terms of symptoms that need to be observed on time,

healthy eating and a healthy way of life to prevent it.