Can You Eat Guava Seeds? Benefits and How to Eat

Can you eat guava seeds? Yes, you can eat guava seeds freely, they are safe and have a number of health benefits. Some people practice eating only guava fruit and throwing away the seeds, but that is wrong, all parts even the bark and the seeds are good for our health.

Guava is a tropical fruit with vitamins C, A, minerals potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, and protein to improve health and skin. Guava has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, sedative, anti-cancer, digestive properties that will benefit all of us.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will pay attention to finding out how and why guava is great for all of us.

How to eat guava seeds?

Now that we know about the benefits of guava seeds, it is not bad to know how to eat them which ways are best, although there is nothing special here we will still get to know them.

Guava seeds are easiest and best when eaten with the fruit itself. Experts recommend eating guava seeds with whole fruits.

Guava seeds can be eaten whole, or ground, it is up to you to choose. While for children, the best solution is to eat the guava fruit, and they will eat the seeds when they grow up.

Guava seeds mixed with juice

To drink guava seed juice, there is nothing complicated about the preparation, mix or blend them together with the juice and enjoy.

You can do this by mixing the parts of the guava fruit with the seeds and some juice of your choice. You can also spread them on ice cream or fruit salad.

When should you avoid eating guava seeds?

Guava seeds should not be eaten on an empty stomach, so it is the worst combination for your health.

Because that way you can get too much potassium and protein, which is wrong.

In any case, before eating guava, you should have something to eat, so that all the benefits of guava can be used properly and in the best way.

How do you know when guava seeds can be eaten?

Some complain that guava seeds are too hard to eat, so they avoid eating them. However, this can be a good signal to know when guava and seeds are ripe enough to eat.

Although guava seeds are considered hard seeds, this does not mean that they are literally so hard and unpleasant to consume.

You will recognize ripe guava seeds that are good to eat if they are softer than apple seeds and not ripe enough if they are as firm as peach seeds.

Guava seeds normally the riper the fruit, the softer and easier it will be to eat.

When you make juice or blend, if you notice that the seeds are almost gone then it is a sign that they are ripe enough.

How to eat guava without seeds?

No matter how nutritious and healthy they are, we all have our own eating habits, so it is with guava.

If you do not want to eat guava with seeds, remove only the middle part of the fruit with a spoon, or buy a variety of guava without seeds.

Benefits of eating guava seeds

The benefits of guava seeds are much more than we think, here are the most important to improve human health.

Guava seeds against diabetes

Guava seeds have proteins in their composition that contribute to the fight against diabetes.

Their role is important in the breakdown of sugar, which helps to facilitate the digestion of sweetened foods in the body.

The richness of proteins in guava seeds has another function, they prevent the insulin level in the body from decreasing too fast.

In people with type 2 diabetes, it is recommended to consume guava and its seeds.

Guava seeds are good against prostate cancer

Guava seeds and their fruit will help to destroy cancer cells. Because they contain a large amount of lycopene, they help fight prostate cancer.

In addition, lycopene reduces the chances of developing breast cancer. Overall, all the antioxidants in guava seeds are great in the fight against free radicals.

Guava seed extracts with their anti-cancer properties will protect you from cancer.

Improving heart health

Eating guava is great for heart health, as studies show. A study of 120 people who consumed guava before meals was found to have lower blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol.

The reason for this reaction is primarily in the potassium, which is present in large quantities in guava, as well as the soluble fiber in guava seeds.

Specifically, guava seeds contain a lot of potassium or about 60% more than bananas.

Guava seeds are great for the digestive system

We all sometimes have digestive problems, poor nutrition, and other factors that contribute to such consequences.

We face constipation and colon problems, but here are some guava seeds that will help you overcome these problems, which can be really unpleasant.

The soluble fiber in the composition of guava seeds makes up about 10-12% of the daily required fiber intake in our body, which will successfully help you overcome these problems.

Guava seeds with their stimulating laxative effect enable good functioning of the colon.

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Guava seeds for weight loss

This is exactly how guava seeds and fruit are great to eat. Do not be afraid of gaining weight, because vitamins and minerals keep the body full for a long time.

Another reason is the low number of calories, or more precisely only 37 calories, which means the ideal food for maintaining optimal weight and weight loss because with such a caloric value you can not gain weight.

Guava is a fruit with zero percent cholesterol and reduces carbohydrates in the body, which also helps to lose weight.

The nutrients in the seeds and fruit of the guava will ensure that your body does not have problems in terms of intake of healthy nutrients.

Guava seeds for healthy skin

The advantage of guava seeds is in a large number of vitamins, especially vitamin C, as well as the antioxidants that are important for having healthy skin.

Such ingredients will reduce wrinkles on the face, protect the skin and maintain youthful skin.

Only guava seeds are not so successful in reducing acne on your face, but in general guava seeds are good for skin health.

Surely after this information, you will immediately reach for eating guava seeds, but do not overdo it with consumption, because any exaggeration is harmful, so it is with guava seeds and fruit.can you eat guava seeds

Side effects of consuming guava seeds

You need to be careful about the number of guava seeds you consume, too much can sometimes cause problems.

Because guava seeds can cause inflammation of the diverticulum in the intestines. Eat them, but be careful not to overdo them.

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Guava seeds are great for our health, they contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients that will improve health.

Vitamins are great for skin care and maintaining youth, ie reducing facial wrinkles. Protein is good in the fight against diabetes, fiber for excellent digestion, and fewer stomach problems.

The fiber in guava seeds contains 12% of the total amount needed for our body.

Guava seeds are best eaten with fruit or in combination with some juice, ice cream, and more.

Guava seeds and fruit in general do not have many calories, which makes them great for those who care about their weight and slim figure.

Overall, guava seeds are a healthy dietary option that we should use to improve our health.