When can we be Outside with the Baby, and when not in Winter?

Winter is coming, and you are wondering whether to take the baby out or not? Is it better to be at home or take a walk with the baby?

Fog, heavy rain, storm, or stormy wind are not weather conditions for going out. As long as other conditions, even low temperatures around zero degrees celsius, are not an obstacle for a walk.

Of course, you can take your baby for a walk, but first, you need to dress him well and protect him from the cold.

Should we walk a baby who is only one month old?

A one-month-old baby can go out for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

When there is rain or snow then before the walk the baby must be properly protected.

The best option is to cover the stroller so that the baby does not fall over, and you can walk freely.

Morning fog, storm, rain, wind are the complete opposite of rain and snow, they are not for going out.

If they are quiet they can, if you do not plan some interesting activity in your home.

Red cheeks are not a reason to go hot

In Scandinavian countries, the baby also walks in the winter.

And there the temperatures are far lower than in the warmer southern countries.

Babies and children in that part of Europe are known to be less sick or cold and are certainly more exposed to all kinds of weather.

The data is interesting, which is not only related to babies but also refers to children in kindergarten or up to 5 years.

They rest more outside in the sun and go indoors only to eat and sleep. And much less cold.

Of course, you will dress the baby well before walking and protect him from catching a cold.

If the temperature is low, practice the walk to be shorter.

Check the baby occasionally, touch the baby’s arms and legs to see if he is cold.

If the temperature is moderate, you can walk for 1 to 2 hours, depending on the mood of the baby and yours.

So, if the temperature is lower, the walks are shorter. And vice versa.

Crowded shopping malls are more dangerous

Shopping malls should be avoided, both in winter and in summer, you must be wondering why?

They are air-conditioned, but it is completely unnatural air, and therefore not intended for walks.

Especially in winter, when there are many people and there is an epidemic of flu, colds, respiratory diseases, and the like.

It is better to avoid them.

Another tip plus for a walk

It is good to have a friend with a small baby at the same age as yours.

Together, rest and walks in the sun will be more pleasant for you and more interesting for your baby.

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