How to Burn 200 calories in One Day Easy and Fast

How to burn 200 calories in one day easy and fast? We are all aware that our eating habits are crucial in terms of what weight we have at the moment.

Thus, when we intend to lose weight, the first thing that comes to mind is a change in diet. And that’s right, diet is the most important thing so that we can lose weight more easily.

But from the experience in the practice of weight loss programs, it is very important to mention another, no less important factor that determines the weight, and which is often unjustifiably neglected.

It is about the habit of having regular physical activity.

In addition, we will focus on the importance of physical activity for the weight loss process.

Specifically, more about the common question of whether there is an ideal, “best” activity and what physical activity, how many calories it will consume.

There is no ideal physical activity that is best for every person

When it comes to “best physical activity”, we can cite the following definition: The best physical activity is one that you can practice regularly and one that will not only not bother you, but on the contrary, will create a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment!

From the “definition” we can clearly conclude that the ideal physical activity is an individual thing.

Here is another no less important question: How to start?

First, carefully choose the physical activity that is safe for you and that you can enjoy.

Of course, the motive is needed first. Start slowly, set achievable and rational goals. Set long-term and short-term goals, and plan the details.

Find a way to overcome the most common problems that will demotivate you.

5 Most commonly practiced physical activities to burn 200 calories

5 most commonly practiced physical activities that can easily become a habit and how many calories they can “burn” in just half an hour.


Research shows that moderate physical activity, such as walking, can be very effective.

They can be more effective than more intense activities (which otherwise burn more calories) when it comes to weight loss.

The main advantage of walking over other activities in terms of weight loss is easy sustainability. Walking is a physical activity that each of us can practice more or less.

Walking can easily become a habit that is primarily due to several factors. For example, virtually anyone can apply it, regardless of age and physical fitness.

The effort is small, so it can be extended almost indefinitely.

Then, it can very easily fit into the working day, ie to cross certain distances on foot, which we otherwise regularly travel by car.

Such changes can be walking to work, to the market, etc.

Many factors influence the calculation of how many calories a person will consume by practicing a certain physical activity in half an hour.

Above all, an important factor is the intensity, the height, and bodyweight of the person, gender, age, etc.

The numbers below are an average or estimate, with solid accuracy.

Walking, 30 minutes

BodyweightRelaxed walking spent calories Moderate walking
spent calories
Intensively walking
spent calories

burn 200 calories in day

Cycling to burn 200 calories

Cycling is also considered moderate physical activity. This activity as well as walking can be practiced by any individual on a regular basis.

Just like walking, cycling can be easily “incorporated” into everyday life. For example, going to work, college by bike, completing daily chores using a bicycle, etc.

Cycling will not only burn calories, but regular cycling will save you time and money. You will also avoid crowds on public transport.

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Additionally, you will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Specifically, you will help reduce pollution, which is especially pronounced in urban areas.

Cycling, 30 minutes

Body weightRelaxed spent calories Moderate spent calories Intensively spent calories
65 kg120kcal190kcal300kcal
75 kg130kcal210kcal330kcal
85 kg140kcal230kcal360kcal
95 kg150kcal250kcal400kcal

The recreational practice of a sport

When it comes to sustaining the regularity of physical activity habits, the most important thing to mention is motivation.

It is conditioned by several factors, but probably the most important is the desire for better appearance and health.

The pleasure that the activity itself can give us should not be neglected. Many people find pleasure in the recreational practice of a sport and it is a great habit!

Additionally, group sports encourage friendships that further increase satisfaction.

In the following table, you can see the calorie consumption depending on which sport you practice.

Recreational sport for 30min

Body weightBasketball spent calories Volley spent calories Tennis spent calories Exercises with weight spent calories Football spent calories
65 kg250kcal100kcal250kcal100kcal220kcal
75 kg310kcal120kcal280kcal120kcal270kcal
85 kg370kcal140kcal300kcal140kcal320kcal
95 kg430kcal160kcal320kcal160kcal370kcal

Gardening is a great calorie activity

It may not seem like a lot of physical activity at first glance, but research shows that maintaining a garden, yard, or balcony if it is a building, can offer a number of health benefits.

First of all, gardening is good because of the various smaller physical activities, such as planting, pruning, watering the plants, etc.

Just because such activities do not make you work harder does not mean that you do not burn calories and do not activate your muscles!

In terms of gardening, it is more about aerobic activities. In fact, this is the main advantage of gardening – pleasure, which makes it a lasting habit.

Although the activities are quite moderate, they can often last for hours!

It relaxes people, contributes to the prevention of depressive feelings, and can help alleviate them. Gardening also means a long time spent in the sun and contact with the ground and relatives.

The sun helps us to synthesize the extremely important vitamin D (which is especially important for the elderly).

At the same time, the very exposure to various microbes from the environment enables the maintenance of good immunity.

One study found that even the simplest view of greenery from the window of your house or apartment can help reduce the need for junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes!

It is another indirect way how the garden can positively affect your health.

Additionally, there are studies that link regular garden maintenance with a reduced risk of dementia (by as much as 36%), but also of heart attack and stroke (30%)

Gardening, 30 minutes

WeightModerate intensity spent calories
65 kg120kcal
75 kg200kcal
85 kg250kcal
95 kg300kcal

Running and burn 200 calories

It is clear that moderate activities (slower cycling, walking, gardening, etc.) have proven to be particularly successful in the weight loss process due to their high availability.burn 200 calories in day

Specifically because of the convenience for all people, regardless of gender, age, and physical fitness.

As well as for their safety (safest exercises – less likely to injure). And because they can easily become a habit (most consistent) – because of the very easy application.

However, more intense exercise is not worse at all, especially if you have the desire and opportunity to practice it constantly (and of course, the awareness that you should not overdo it – rest is very important).

If your goal is to lose weight faster, increase muscle mass faster, improve cardiovascular health then running is great for you.

You will also save time, so short-term more intense physical activity is the right choice for you.

Running, 30 minutes

WeightRelaxed spent calories Moderate spent calories Intensively spent calories
65 kg270kcal320kcal380kcal
75 kg300kcal360kcal420kcal
85 kg330kcal400kcal460kcal
95 kg360kcal440kcal500kcal

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In today’s article, we learned how to burn 200 calories a day with easier physical activity. Sometimes it does not take too much effort to burn calories and thus lose weight and look better.

Although 200 calories may not seem like much, of course, every calorie burn has a positive effect.

We found out what are the easier ways of physical activity such as walking, light running, gardening, and others.

With these activities you will successfully burn 200 calories daily, so do not hesitate to start using them, we hope you will be satisfied with the result.