10 Reasons Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal

Why is breakfast so important? Find out if and why breakfast is the most important meal of the day? What are 10 reasons why breakfast is the most important meal for all of us?

These are questions that many of us are probably interested in, so let’s find out the answers.

Breakfast is good for:

  • weight loss
  • for better concentration
  • intake of healthy nutrients
  • for more energy
  • for a better mood
  • healthier heart
  • better metabolism
  • to regulate appetite
  • reduces the risk of developing diabetes

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day

Due to various obligations and the short time available, it often happens that people skip breakfast or it is incomplete and in smaller quantities.

Breakfast is really a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. Why this title was awarded at breakfast and whether it is true and valid, we will discuss in today’s article.

What makes breakfast different from other meals and why is it important?

It “awakens” our metabolism and digestion and restores blood sugar levels. All this gives us energy so that our day can start.

In addition, it improves alertness and concentration and provides a range of nutrients needed by the body. Breakfast has been the subject of numerous studies and it has established certain benefits from its practice.

Eating breakfast is thought to contribute to better weight management, reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

It should be noted that breakfast time is an individual habit and desire. Some people eat a few hours after waking up, while others eat immediately.

In this regard, there is no wrong or right approach. The purpose of breakfast is to give us energy and to stimulate our metabolism.

When we judge that it is time for breakfast is a personal choice.

10 Reasons Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Skipping breakfast can disrupt the rhythm of “fasting” and eating. After sleep, the body is in a state where it needs a source of energy and nutrients.

It is ideal to concentrate 25% of the calorie intake in our daily breakfast, consisting of cereals, fruits, soy milk, or vegetables.

1. Breakfast is a very important meal for more energy

Perhaps the most obvious and important of all the other reasons is energy. The energy we get from breakfast moves us and allows us to fulfill our upcoming responsibilities.

Because glucose is the main source of energy, its low levels after waking up are successfully restored by breakfast.

During the night, glucose stored as glycogen in the body is released into the bloodstream for normal functioning. This is especially important for the brain, which relies almost entirely on this sugar for energy.

Although the body can also use fats as a source of energy, their breakdown is different and our energy level will be lower.

People who want to lose weight often hesitate to skip breakfast in order to reduce their calorie intake. But some research shows that people who eat breakfast had more energy and were more active during the day.

All this leads to the burning of calories. Research has also shown that people who skip breakfast tend to eat a variety of snacks before lunch.

Which on the other hand means that with snacks we can consume the same amount of calories as breakfast itself.

2. Breakfast helps us get the nutrients we need

Through a healthy breakfast, we supply the body with a range of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients that will provide energy.

Without breakfast, it will be harder to meet the daily needs of all the nutrients in the remaining 2 meals.

Eating in the morning gives us a chance to have a more varied diet and to consume more types of food during the day.

3. Breakfast helps with weight management

Research shows that people who practice having breakfast are generally weaker than those who skip it.

This is thought to be due to the intake of protein and fiber that can provide us with breakfast. These nutrients are key to feeling full.breakfast is most important meal

Which can prevent you from consuming extra calories throughout the day.

However, you should pay attention to the type of food we include in our breakfast, as well as the amount of the same.

4. Breakfast wakes us up and improves our concentration

If we skip breakfast, we may feel overwhelmed. Because our brain needs glucose to function, low levels in the morning can affect our concentration and alertness.

Also, some research indicates that children and adolescents who eat breakfast regularly had better results and success in school.

They followed the lectures more easily and had much better concentration and memory.

5. Breakfast can be a very important meal for healthy habits in diet

Statistics show that people who regularly have a healthy breakfast, have a better overall diet.

At the same time, these people do not have unhealthy snacks between meals.

This was especially pronounced in children, who if they skip breakfast or their breakfast is incomplete, the need for additional food before lunch is greater.

Snacks (chips, cookies, pickles, croissants) are usually foods that have low nutritional value. It often contains added sugars or salt and is poor in nutrients such as fiber, protein, and vitamins.

Some people are also more prone to consuming too much caffeine due to low energy levels, often as a result of skipping breakfast.

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6. Breakfast is very important for lower chance to have heart disease

The results of a US study show that people who do not eat breakfast have a 27 percent higher risk of heart disease.

It is also equally important when and what breakfast is eaten and in what quantity the breakfast is consumed.

In a study on the frequency of food consumption, 26,902 respondents between the ages of 46 and 82 over the age of 16 followed the impact of breakfast on increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The results of the study showed that those who did not eat breakfast had a 27 percent higher risk of heart attack or death from cardiovascular disease.

Also, respondents who eat dinner late at night had a 55 percent higher risk of cardiovascular problems.

7. Breakfast improves mood

People who eat breakfast increase the level of serotonin in the brain. All of this ultimately successfully results in a sense of well-being.

If you do not eat breakfast, then you will have diametrical behavior. Specifically, you are more likely to be irritable and nervous.

Studies show that “breakfast” is less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity.

8. Breakfast speeds up the metabolism

By having breakfast in the morning to better and faster metabolism.

When you do not eat for a long time (overnight), the body begins to “think” that you are starving and stores fat.

Breakfast stimulates the metabolism and stimulates the body to burn calories.

9. Breakfast controls appetite

While you may think that starving yourself in the morning will reduce your calorie intake and speed up your weight loss, the reality is that this is the wrong strategy.

If you are hungry at the beginning of the day, research shows that you will be more prone to overeating later.

People who do not eat breakfast at the same time make worse and unhealthy food choices for the rest of the day.

10. Breakfast reduces the risk of diabetes

People who eat breakfast have a lower risk of developing diabetes. At the same time, the chances of obesity or cardiovascular disease are reduced.

The link between skipping breakfast and developing diabetes has been mentioned in many scientific studies.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. If you skip it, insulin sensitivity, type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure can develop over time.

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Have breakfast if you want to lose weight

I will use an old saying that says that the day is known after the morning. Also, I often hear: “I do not know how to gain weight, and I eat only twice a day.”breakfast is most important meal

I will try to explain to you how important breakfast is in the process of losing weight.

Many people think that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight. I claim – no!

A direct link between breakfast and successful weight loss is that breakfast replenishes your body awakened from sleep and will allow it to function properly throughout the day.

When you are hungry your body stops burning calories. This means that the metabolism will slow down dramatically.

What is the key to successful weight loss ?!

The key to successful weight loss is burning more calories than we consume each day. Our body consumes calories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The speed at which we burn calories is called the metabolic rate.

Our individual metabolic rates change day and night, depending on when we last ate and whether we are active or at rest.

Although we burn calories while we sleep, our metabolic rate then slows down dramatically, that is, we burn fewer calories.

We do not need to stay awake to burn more calories, but we need to increase our metabolic rate while we are awake.

Why is breakfast so important for weight loss?

One of the secrets to successful weight loss is to speed up your metabolism after waking up.

The best way to do this is to have breakfast. Well, here comes breakfast.

Why is breakfast so important for weight loss?

One of the secrets to successful weight loss is to speed up your metabolism after waking up.

The best way to do this is to have breakfast. In fact, nothing, including exercise, makes your metabolism go so fast after eight hours of restful sleep as eating a healthy breakfast!

When we skip breakfast, not only does the metabolic rate stay low, but so does our blood sugar level.

Low blood sugar due to lack of breakfast often makes us feel lethargic.

Low blood sugar levels in the morning eventually make us feel extra hungry later, which prepares us for impulsive snacking or eating too large portions of food at lunch and dinner.

When we eat breakfast, our body feels nourished and satisfied.

Common reasons for missing breakfast

The most common reasons why many people skip breakfast are lack of time, some use that time to exercise, others say they do not feel hungry in the morning.

Here’s what you can do if you miss breakfast for the reasons mentioned:

“No time” is not an excuse.

It pays to find time for arguably the most important weight loss meal of the day.

If you only have a few minutes for breakfast in the morning, try to prepare your breakfast the night before, do not do two things at once while eating because that way you will eat too fast which will affect digestion.

If you have no choice, take at least something to eat, no matter how small, and take the rest of your breakfast with you.

For example, pack your favorite cereal in a plastic container for breakfast. If you are in a hurry to get somewhere, eat something as soon as you get there.

If you are always in a hurry to go to work, have a quick breakfast in your office.

Morning exercise is not as effective without breakfast.

Most people want to exercise in the morning for the same reason why they need to eat breakfast, increase metabolism and burn extra calories.

If you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, your metabolism will not reach the same heights as it would if you had eaten before.

Pay attention to breakfast

No matter what your day is like and how much time you have for breakfast, there are always options for a short but nutritious meal.

If you skip breakfast, at least try to have a healthy snack (eg fruit, nuts, or yogurt).

There are various breakfast options that are prepared relatively quickly – oatmeal, smoothie, healthy sandwich with vegetables, eggs, and so on.breakfast is most important meal

If you do not have time in the morning, try and prepare your breakfast the night before.

Oatmeal, chia pudding, sandwich, salad, or healthy muffin can be prepared in advance and have a healthy and tasty breakfast.


Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

When we have breakfast we bring in more energy to make it easier to deal with daily responsibilities.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

With breakfast, our body gains energy, concentration, stabilizes body weight, and many other positive effects.

Also with breakfast, we will get a better mood, better metabolism, and regulation of appetite.

So if you have not had a habit before, now is the right time to start eating breakfast regularly and be ready both physically and mentally for daily responsibilities.

Frequently asked questions

Should you abstain from breakfast

All that we have said so far in the article does not mean that you should eat as soon as you open your eyes. If you are hungry right in the morning, then do not forget to eat, and if you are wrong, it is okay to wait. “It’s very important to listen to your body,” said dietitian Beth Bluestone of the Cleveland Wellness Institute and warned that it was time for a meal when you started to feel hungry. Never delay a meal as it may make you eat some junk food like pastries faster or better.

When is it high time to eat?

Experts agree that the first meal should be eaten around 9 or 10 in the morning. If you wake up at 7, have breakfast at 10, have lunch at 2 pm, and have dinner around 5 pm or 6 pm, that’s fine. But if you have breakfast at noon and during the day you have time for only one more meal, it means skipping meals. You should eat at least every four hours, explained Sandra Arevalo, a diabetic from the American Diabetes Association.

Breakfast before a morning workout or not?

There are exceptions to the “listen to your body” rule. Namely, it is good to eat before training if you exercise in the morning because it can help you avoid hypoglycemia. Some research shows that exercising on an empty stomach will improve fat burning, but that does not mean that it leads to faster and better weight loss.

How to balance breakfast?

It is recommended to eat about 10 grams of protein (Greek yogurt or two eggs) to feel full. But fats are also important, but it is important to be careful where they come from (nuts, extra virgin olive oil). Avoid bacon and other processed foods. And at the beginning of the day, do not forget to pay attention to fiber intake for a feeling of satiety and healthy digestion (fruits, vegetables, whole grains ..). For the first meal to be healthy, it is a good idea to eat the following combinations: Greek yogurt with nuts or fruit scrambled eggs with vegetables, or green “smoothie” with nuts for example. It is even more important not to have breakfast on the menu – dessert or sweet or coffee with sweet cakes because it will increase your energy and reduce it sharply.

Is breakfast rush a problem?

The morning rush is a real problem for many, and the biggest culprit is eating unhealthy and fast food or on the other hand – not eating at all. With a little goodwill and minimal time, you can prepare breakfast the night before. You can beat the eggs with salt and pepper and leave them in the fridge. Cut fruit or prepare nuts for morning yogurt or oatmeal. Freeze the ingredients for your favorite smoothie and just blend it all in the morning.

And what about coffee at breakfast?

You do not have to give up coffee. In moderate doses, it is a healthy stimulant. For most, that means three glasses a day. The profession warns that more than that can be unhealthy, adversely affect sleep, increase blood pressure. It is important to be careful how much sugar you put in your coffee.