Breakfast for Fitness for a healthy life

Breakfast and Fitness for a healthy life!Seven-morning habits that make us fat. There is one very famous saying that says “the day after the morning is known.” In the following article, we will explain to you the food and bad habits that lead to obesity.

1) Weak breakfast.

The scientists from the University of Israel has proven breakfast and fitness are good for our health.

The best option is a plentiful breakfast, a light dinner, small meals on the day of the day is really the right and the right combination to maintain weight.

2) Very little time in the sun.

Light from the sun can help a lot
in the burning of calories and white fats.

Researchers at Albert University in Edmonton Canada made an experiment and proved that the number of lipids was reduced when exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

It is one of the reasons why in the winter period we are getting far less than summer, which means less daylight more pounds.

3) A glass of water when you are wake up.

Each body of an adult consists of 55 to 60 percent water.

Many it’s important when you get up in the morning to drink a glass of water that will cause it to accelerate metabolism and will greatly reduce the risk of accumulation of fat.

In addition, the water is excellent and greatly helpful for our body to free from toxins.

4) Without much exercise in the morning.

Apart from the obvious benefits of spending a large number of calories,

Speeding up the morning will not reduce your appetite for the rest of the day, says Professor Emma Stevenson and Dr.Javier Gonzales, according to their opinion and research people if exercise in the morning, does not mean they will eat less.

5) Sweet food for breakfast, lunch or

Most people cannot resist sweet foods, then it’s best to
be consumed in the morning, according to research in Israel.

6) Do not read magazines in the morning.

The magazines contain sometimes negative news that they cause
stress and nervousness of our organism.

This may have a negative effect on your health, especially if you are sensitive to such things.

Stress leads to greater accumulation
of body fat in our body.

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at
Stanford University Meri Tervell says that stress itself can create secretions hormones that help the body to adjust to it.

There are two variants, if stress is weaker or short-term, new fat cells are not formed.

But if stress is chronic, leading to the activation of a storage mechanism for calories.

7) Is it important to have a pet?

Your dog, if you have it at home, can be a great escort while you work.

With a cat doing yoga or stretching the body can be even more fun.

They represent the perfect replacement for the living room a dose of chocolate, cakes, or other sweet foods when we are in a tense atmosphere.

6 ideas for a healthy breakfast

1. Oatmeal

Oats are whole grains, low in fat, and low in calories.

It has a nice taste that is still light enough so that other products such as fresh bananas, berries, or something similar can be added to it.

You can decorate it with dried fruits such as grapes or hazelnuts to make it even tastier.

2. Bagel

Don’t be surprised if it’s added to the list.

Although it is healthy for consumption, creativity should still be used.

Choose a thinner bagel instead of a thicker one and grease it with peanut butter or other low-calorie spread of your choice.

Add fresh fruit of your choice and a delicious yet light meal is ready.

3. Cereals

Cereals are an important source of dietary fiber, but be careful when choosing.

You need to buy cereals that are low in fat and calories and high in fiber.

Add sour milk or yogurt and a few tablespoons of raspberries and hazelnuts to make it even tastier.

Cereals will satiate you until lunch.

4. Omelet

Eggs are considered the most effective diet for weight loss, so omelets are no exception.

It is considered a wonderful fat-free breakfast and has a high energy value because eggs are rich in protein.

Mix 2-3 eggs, then add some onions, cook them in a Teflon pan, and low-calorie mayonnaise or ketchup go equally well with the nice taste.

5. Baked toast-buns

The very thought of baked toast for breakfast may sound strange, but what if you turn it into something really tasty and healthy?

Drizzle a little honey or peanut butter on the bread, add chopped fruit like apple or banana and enjoy every bite.

6. Smoothie

Ah! How can you forget to drink cold smoothies while having breakfast?

There is no need to spend money on expensive juices full of calories.

Prepare fresh smoothies in your kitchen.

Defrost your favorite fruit and add sour milk or yogurt, mix well and drink it to the last drop.