What is Brazilian Hair Removal, and How to do it Yourself at Home

Removing unwanted body hair is part of a woman’s daily routine. Modern women want to always have a smooth and beautiful body, and the best way to give it away is through waxing.

Surely from the very thought of waxing your hair is already rising and the only thing you think is that you will feel pain.

Yes, waxing is painful, so you have to decide where to go.

Also, intimate waxing gives a woman a feeling of freshness, purity, sexiness, and even greater self-confidence.

Intimate hair removal – for or against?

Intimate waxing in turn divides women into two extremes. Some adore her, while others do not want to hear about her at all.

Statistics show that almost half of all women in the world use full intimate hair removal.

You should not be surprised by the fact that nowadays more and more men follow that trend of intimate hair removal.

If you have tried it, then surely you know why women choose to endure so much pain.

Intimate waxing gives a great feeling of purity, sexiness, and even greater self-confidence.

Opponents, however, say that intimate hair removal, especially Brazilian hair removal, leads to an increased number of infections in women and is the result of unstable self-esteem.

Critics argue that the complete removal of intimate hairs also results in an increased number of plastic surgeries in the intimate area.

Increased correction of the appearance of the genitals, and thus increases the risk to the health of those who do such waxing.

What does Brazilian waxing mean?

Every woman should try to do Brazilian hair removal at least once in her life. And the intimate relationship with the partner she will have afterward will force her to want to do it again.

Brazilian waxing means the complete removal of hair in the intimate area, from the lower abdomen to the tail.

Often a thin undepilated vertical strip is left above the clitoris, which is called a “landing strip”. This type of waxing goes beyond the borders of Brazil for the first time thanks to seven sisters.

Together they opened their own J Sisters International salon in Manhattan in 1987. Since then, the popularity of Brazilian hair removal has grown and is only increasing daily.

Women love Brazilian waxing because they feel more attractive, sexier, cleaner. Moreover, men do not oppose the smooth appearance of the female body at all.

If you decide to give Brazilian waxing a chance, you have two options. Either try heroically to do it yourself at home or trust a professional.

To avoid the pain as much as possible, practice intimate waxing after your period. Never do it just before it starts or during it.

Maintain a high level of hygiene before you start hair removal or before you visit a beauty salon.

Brazilian waxing in a beauty salon

Most women choose to leave this delicate procedure to experienced beauticians.

In a beauty salon, in addition to your flexibility, your modesty will also be tested.

In order for the hairs to be completely removed from the intimate zone, you need to adjust to a slightly more awkward position.

Make sure that the cosmetic studio you plan to visit regularly practices this type of waxing. Because otherwise, you risk someone exercising on you, you certainly do not want that.

You need to be careful when choosing a beauty salon. For such a solution should not be important only the reputation of the cosmetic soot.

It is best to ask for a personal recommendation from a friend you know.brazilian hair removal

How to do Brazilian waxing at home

If you have enough courage, of course, you can do the difficult task yourself, here is how to do it. Most women choose to leave this delicate procedure to experienced beauticians.

But you can also do Brazilian waxing at home. You should not put any type of oil or lotion on the intimate area.

It is best not to have any cosmetic products on the skin and to be completely dry. The hairs you want to remove should not be too long or too short.

The most desirable length is recommended to be 7-13 mm.

If they are longer, use scissors first to achieve the desired length, and then start waxing.

First, you need to wax a small part to check the sensitivity of the skin and to avoid unwanted allergic reactions.

Place a mirror between your legs, so that you have visibility of the less accessible areas of the body.

It is best to always start in advance and move backward. It is very important to apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth.

If you apply a very thick layer of wax, it will not make waxing easier. Only the pain will be greater, the hairs will be harder to remove and you will have to go stronger.

You will risk making yourself blue because this part of the body is the most sensitive.

Intimate hair removal strips should be small, not large. The smaller the sections you wax, the better and easier it will be to endure the pain.

Glue the strips on the wax. Tighten the skin well around the adhesive tape and pull in the opposite direction from the direction of hair growth.

Keep a water towel on hand to clean the wax if it is water-soluble.

If not, then take a cotton swab and baby oil. This will make it easier to remove any wax left after removing the tape from the skin.

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Useful tips when doing Brazilian hair removal

Before waxing:

Practice exfoliating. Before intimate waxing, it is useful to exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells.

It is also not a bad idea to repeat the procedure two days after waxing. This will reduce the risk of possible subcutaneous fibers.

During waxing:

Know where to expect the most pain. Every woman has a different pain. The pain in the lower abdomen is usually the greatest.

If you know where to expect great pain, you will be more prepared and easier to endure.

Imitate coughing at waxing

You must be wondering what coughing has to do with waxing? This is very interesting advice.

When pulling the bar, try coughing. This will distract you from the pain.

It really works, try it!

Under no circumstances is wax over wounds, fresh scars, or moles.

After waxing, avoid the following things

Tight clothing

You should not wear tight clothing after waxing, as this will increase skin irritation and subcutaneous hair formation.


Do not enter the pool, lake, sea, ocean, or jacuzzi on the same day you waxed.

Solarium or sauna

Never use a solarium or sauna for the next two days after waxing.

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