Brain health how to Protect in 5 Steps

Brain health is very important for the proper functioning of our body. It and its proper functioning depend on the way of life.

In today’s article, we will focus on the brain, it’s functioning, and some things we need to change to avoid a variety of problems, including possible brain failure.

The brain needs nutrients and healthy lifestyles to avoid problems with its function. But there are bad habits that can hurt him and which we should avoid.

Get rid of these 5 bad habits to have a healthy and functioning brain without which he will benefit us much better.

5 bad habits for brain health


Smoking we all know is harmful to our health. It is the cause of lung cancer and many other diseases of the heart blood vessels and others.

As far as the brain is known, there are various important thought processes such as memory, learning languages, perception, and more.

When we smoke cigarettes, nicotine acts on the cortex and accelerates its reduction. All this leads to the possible occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

If we stop smoking, the cortex heals, but it goes very slowly and often partially heals, so it’s best for us never to smoke cigarettes.

However, quitting smoking is still better because every part of the brain and every healthy habit will be welcomed for our health and brain.

Insufficient sleep is a bad habit for our brain health

Sufficient sleep is, of course, important for the whole body as well as for the brain.Brain health

Sleep and sleep rest our brains and heal, insufficient sleep can only prevent this natural state, and thus the brain will be more susceptible to possible damage.

Studies, unfortunately, show that 1/3 of people sleep less than seven hours a day. As it is known the optimal sleep time is between 7 and 8 hours a day.

Lack of sleep negatively affects brain function, causing its decline. cells and the brain itself. When we sleep enough, productivity increases, and the ability to perform most of our daily duties.

Problems with social interaction as a result of brain dysfunction

Just talking to someone has a positive effect on the brain.

The process of thinking and expressing our feelings and thoughts is training for him, interaction results in better cognitive functioning.

In today’s modern lifestyle, interaction is increasingly being replaced by eye-to-eye, digital chat, or surfing the web, which is certainly not good.

This is a lack of genuine interaction between people that leads to loneliness, depression, and mental states that significantly impair brain health.

Insufficient physical activity is harmful to the brain

Exercise or physical activity is great for overall health and the brain itself.Brain health

Walking, running, exercising, or exercising in the gym improve brain health.

They help our brain to improve in the following functions:

  • Strengthening blood vessels resulting in better blood flow, which reduces the chance of dementia.
  • better functioning of the whole brain and the ability to exchange information and better function of its cells.
  • Improving the ability to learn and acquire new things and experiences.
  • Better work on the hypothalamus, which is responsible for remembering and learning new things.
  • It is enough for 30 minutes of daily exercise, which you can then increase to 60 minutes.
  • Exercise whenever you can and when you have free time.

Poor nutrition is harmful to brain health

That’s how bad nutrition is harmful to our body and brain. Too much sugar, salt, alcohol, or bad food is harmful to the brain.

* Sugar – has been linked to a decrease in cognitive function of the brain.

Studies have shown that sugar adversely affects the brain and its ability to learn and remember.

* Alcohol – Alcohol and brain research shows that consuming a moderate amount of alcohol has a negative effect on the brain.

It can cause memory problems.

* Salt – When we eat larger amounts of salt in our diet we may have higher blood pressure, which can result in the risk of stroke and other brain dysfunctions.

Occasionally consuming these ingredients will not cause bad effects.

But if our diet is always bad food with overuse of the ingredients we listed then the consequences for the brain will be detrimental.

The likelihood of various brain damage and Alzheimer’s disease will increase Alzheimer’s disease.


In today’s article, we have listed 5 major causes of brain damage.

Alcohol, cigarettes, insufficient sleep, poor nutrition should be avoided in order to be healthy and long-lasting. Exercise more, eat healthy food to maintain a healthy brain.

The health of the body is closely linked to the health of our brains.

Keep it healthy because it has no price, it’s one of the most important factors for people.