10 Healthy Food for Clean Blood Vessels

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Problems are also common in the younger generations, which in the past has been expressed in a much smaller number. We know what healthy and unhealthy foods are, in today’s article we will show you what foods are healthy for blood vessels.

Cardiovascular problems are known to be a modern-day disease and a serious challenge.

These include heart and blood vessel disease, high cholesterol, triglycerides, stroke, and the like. The most common and least treated are clogged blood vessels.

Healthy food for clean blood vessels

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a great solution for purifying arteries. You need to drink 3 cups of cranberry juice a week to have an effect and get positive results.

Cranberry juice increases the ability of cells to absorb fat and produce energy. This excellent juice is the right solution for blood vessels, as it does not allow fat to settle on them.

Olive oil

We all know and use olive oil very well in our daily diet because of its many benefits. As for blood vessels, it helps and prevents cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessels.

The ability of this precious cholesterol-lowering oil before everything is due to the presence of monounsaturated fat.


Research has been done at the University of Southampton on fish and its benefits in reducing clogged arteries.

Fish are known for the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, most commonly found in salmon and tuna. These fatty acids are very valuable to our body, prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries in our body.

Specifically, the fats found in fish prevent cholesterol oxidation. Another important thing is the proper selection of omega 3 fatty acids. According to the latest tests c. It is best to combine them 3 6 9. Omega acids should be consumed continuously, as our body does not produce them.


Oats are a major ingredient in fiber. They do not allow cholesterol levels to rise in the blood, keeping it at optimum levels. Also, fiber itself binds to cholesterol and helps it to be expelled from the body.

consuming 1.5 to 2.5 cups of cooked oatmeal daily. By using them daily, cholesterol will drop by 20 percent, which is great.


Pomegranate is a fruit with a specific taste. We all want to consume it regardless of age.

This great fruit is extremely rich in antioxidants. It helps reduce blood vessel damage, helps improve arterial function, and prevents various blood-related diseases.


This vegetable can easily be found in many tips for better health for the human body, as it is indeed widely used to treat many diseases. Garlic has been used in the past to treat high blood pressure problems and heart diseases. A lot of evidence shows that garlic has a great effect in preventing coronary artery disease.


Grapes are fruits that give energy to our body. When we eat grapes we immediately feel energy and strength.

Apart from this grapes are fruits that are rich in antioxidants, which significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of various heart diseases.

Grapes have many benefits. These include flavonoids, resveratrol, and quercetin. These ingredients help prevent cholesterol oxidation, which leads to atherosclerosis.

Kiwi and Melon

Melon and kiwi fruit are a great combination of fruits to maintain healthy blood vessels.

These two fruits are rich in many antioxidants in their composition. With daily moderate consumption, they help to defecate the arteries.

In this way, they play their role in lowering cholesterol at its optimum level in our body.


Research done by Korean scientists shows that a biologically active component in the composition of tomatoes has been discovered.

That ingredient is lycopene, which actually gives the tomato red color.

Studies have found that women who are more likely to take lycopene are less likely to have arterial damage.

Even greater use of tomatoes and lycopene is if it is thermally processed.


Spinach is a green vegetable great for our health. It has a rich content of folic acid, which helps in hypertension.

It contains another important ingredient for people, namely lutein. This component is crucial in preventing the occurrence of macular degeneration. That is a disease that attacks the eyes of older generations.


In today’s article, we’ve shared some tips for improving blood vessel performance. They are the most important part of blood flow through our bodies.

With their anomalies such as choking, cholesterol deposition, and the like, we are at greater risk of many diseases.

Eating healthy and eating healthy products reduces these chances, and helps us to be healthier and have healthier blood vessels in our body.

Eating bad and unhealthy foods daily will cause many negative consequences for us. So eat healthily, and you won’t have any of the problems mentioned in today’s article.