Stop Biting Nails When You Read This

Biting nails are sometimes happening to all of us. However, some people do it constantly or daily without the control of how often they do it. Usually, this bad habit is called a nervous habit.

The biting nails begin in childhood. According to research this bad habit mostly gets addiction in teenagers.

As the years pass around the 30th year of life, the habit of biting nails is usually lost, but in a small proportion of about 10 percent, it remains with adult people.

Onychophagia is the medical name of these bad habits,

The most common reasons for this are nervousness, fear, stress, shame, boredom, and similar situations.

We biting nails while we watch TV, we talk on the phone, we wait somewhere, it gets bored and alike.

Basically, it’s a very bad habit that does not is good for our health.

This habit adversely affects health, because, through it, it is very easy to bring in many bacteria in the mouth, we can get various types of infections and the destruction of the front teeth comes to the end.

The biting nails will not look nice and leave a bad impression on the environment.

All who tried to give up this bad habit know that it’s not easy at all.

Nowadays there are many ways to quit biting nails, in today’s text, we will get to know each other’s ways and how to get rid of these bad habits.

 Try with bitter nails.

The most widely used method of biting nails is the use of bows, creams designed to make the nails tasteless and bitter.

In many stores, you can find and buy.

The nails themselves are brushed, and when we try to snack have a bitter and unpleasant taste.

Apart from this, often you also have vitamins for strengthening the nails, or for easier skin recovery around the bitter nails.

Training the brain with rubber bands.

In this case, rubber bands are worn on the wrist of the arm.

It can also be a small rubber or thick modern. When you bite your nails, tighten the bands and let it hit you.

This procedure will cause pain.

It is shown that in this way the brain, this negative reaction to pain will train our brain that the nibbling causes pain, and slowly is learned we need to get used to this bad habit.

To be more aware of the bracelet with balls.

We do the glittering nails while we watch TV while we learn when we are bored when we wait to buy something and similar moments.

We often do the unconscious, and when we notice it, we pull the hand out of the mouth.

A good method is if we carry a bracelet with balls or something that makes a sound,

which reminds us whenever we want to put your hand and nails in your mouth.

That way you can we are swaying from the bad habit.

 To make a home in the situation when the nails will be arranged and beautiful will not be easily destroyed.

The best is varnishing with a stronger color red, blue because when you scoop your nails, you will immediately notice and nails will not be arranged.

You can adjust them and with flowers or something like that.

Then you will put more in their appearance, and it will be hard for you to destroy them.

When we exaggerate with a transparent lacquer, and destroy it in two minutes, * we say again we will be varnished, or and to remove the arc, translucent is not terrible *.

 Nail extension.

Another great deal is to unwind from nibbling nails.

Because of the fact that artificial nails will not bite them because they will not have a nice taste,

they have a taste of plastic, and of course because of the fact that we will not want to damage them.

 Manicure in a beauty salon.

If we go to the salon of manicure, and if it is still at a higher price, it will certainly not be us if we spend the money we spend so easily.

Start wearing gloves.

For those who are passionate about biting nails, gloves are an ideal solution.

Goods when wearing gloves certainly can not the nails are biting, it is a bit more difficult summertime,

but the other time of the year can be easier to carry the wearing of gloves.

Weaning part by part.

This tactic is done in the following way to protect one finger, after three days another too of nibbling and gradually losing the habit of nibbling.

In addition, when we see the difference in those fingers that are preserved without nibbling,

we get an additional desire to stop this habit.

 Manicure in our bags

When we wear a manicure it is much easier to get a nail cut it and let it go let me do it with teeth.

Using the gum for chewing.

With the chewing itself, we will not allow the mouth to be without work; in fact, there will be no room for biting nails

 We should remind ourselves.

By itself, we will think, how bad a habit is nibbling, and the fact that in

this way we can potentially bring a huge number of bacteria through our fingers and mouth,

there will be a desire to give up this habit.

Support from the family.

We will have great significance with the support of family and friends who,

to help us, whenever we notice that we are mopping our nails, indicate what will be an incentive to give up.

Write down the moments of nibbling.

When it will be easier for us to know in which moments and situations we have this bad habit,

so in the future, we will concentrate on these situations and try to avoid them.

Tip. biting nails can sometimes be triggered by a psychological problem if you doubt that you are free to consult a physician or other expert for advice.

In the weaning of this bad habit, the most important thing is to have desire and patience.

If we are persistent the result sooner or later it will result in a result, and that is a waiver of this bad habit.