17 Health Benefits of Golden Milk and How to Prepare it

The Health benefits of golden milk are amazing for everyone. Golden milk is a wonderful, tasty, and incredibly healthy drink to consume, especially suitable in the evening.

The main ingredient of this golden milk is turmeric, which has more than 150 potential therapeutic functions and is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

Golden milk helps to:

  • Reduces swelling and pain in the joints
  • Affects better brain function and memory
  • Turmeric, if mixed with milk, can improve mood
  • Reduces the possibility of heart attack
  • Also reduces cholesterol levels in the body
  • Reduces the possibility of cancer
  • It has antiviral and antibacterial action
  • turmeric improves digestion
  • Calcium and vitamin D strengthen bones

Adding pepper to the whole recipe for golden milk increases the body absorption of turmeric to 2000%!

Golden milk is rich in electrolytes and greatly speeds up the digestive system, and your body will simply adore every sip.

All the ingredients contained in this drink are very healthy and have many benefits.

Thus, when talking about the benefits of turmeric, scientists always say that it is “too good to be true.”

This so-called “anti-inflammatory spice” has shown therapeutic potential against many diseases, including tumors and Alzheimer’s disease.

What we need to know about turmeric

Turmeric (turmeric) is a golden-yellow spice used in Asian curry recipes and is associated with ginger.

It has a warm-bitter taste, but also aromatic.

Turmeric is a good anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and has anti-cancer properties, making it perfect for an introduction into any diet.

If you are not a fan of curry, turmeric with milk is the best and healthiest option.

Milk turmeric is also called golden milk, which is made by adding either dried turmeric or fresh turmeric milk roots.

The Indians use golden milk to treat various ailments or simply use it as a tonic.

This drink is easy to make and very tasty, and the milk absorbs most of the spicy properties of turmeric.

Turmeric can help with bloating and digestive problems, and some studies have also mentioned its help in losing excess weight.

It also has antidepressant properties, increases mood, reduces stress, improves sleep.

17 Benefits of consuming golden milk

Golden milk is great for immunity

Golden milk is a great drink to improve and maintain the body’s immunity.

It is especially recommended for people who work in the community and for children who tend to catch colds often.

Due to its antiviral effect, it is very good to include in the daily diet, especially in cold periods.

If you are prone to infectious diseases, a glass of golden milk in the morning, on an empty stomach, or a glass at bedtime is recommended.

Golden milk can protect against heart disease

The main ingredients of golden milk are associated with benefits for lower risk of heart disease.

Several studies have been conducted to indicate that all of this is true.

For example, 120 mg of cinnamon a day lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and on the other hand, increases good cholesterol.

In another study, 41 participants on a type 2 diet were given 2 grams of ginger powder each day.

After 3 months of regular consumption, the results reduced the risk of heart disease by 25 percent.

As for curcumin, a study was done in which patients were given 4 grams of curcumin before surgery.

The results showed that these patients were 65 percent less likely to have a heart attack.

Golden milk against coughs and colds

Golden milk is a common medicine used in periods of flu, colds, and respiratory tract infections.

The antiviral and antibacterial properties of turmeric fight infections.

At the same time, its anti-inflammatory properties help to alleviate the symptoms.

A warm glass of golden milk stops the feeling of coughing and provides a peaceful sleep.health benefits of golden milk

Golden milk is a good remedy for digestive problems

Turmeric is used in many recipes because of its properties of improving digestion.

This spice helps to stop gas and eliminate heartburn due to gastric reflux.

In many settlements, where intestinal worms are most common in children, golden milk helps to solve this problem.

Laboratory tests and studies in this field have shown that the active substance in turmeric, curcumin, prevents and cures cirrhosis of the liver and fatty liver.

The hepatoprotective and detoxifying effect of curcumin reduces the effect of wounds caused on the liver tissue by toxic substances.

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Golden milk can lower blood sugar levels

The ingredients in golden milk are really golden for our health.

Ginger and cinnamon in particular can lower blood sugar levels.

Ingredients in golden milk, especially ginger and cinnamon, can help lower blood sugar levels.

For example, 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon a day can lower blood sugar levels by 29 percent on an empty stomach.

Ginger, like cinnamon, helps lower blood sugar by up to 12 percent.

For example, 1-6 grams of cinnamon a day can lower fasting blood sugar levels by up to 29%. In addition, cinnamon can reduce insulin resistance.

Cinnamon seems to reduce how much glucose is absorbed in the intestines after a meal, which can further improve blood sugar control.

Similarly, regularly adding small amounts of ginger to your diet can help lower your fasting blood sugar by up to 12%.

Golden milk for blood purification

Turmeric is an excellent ingredient for detoxification. The human body fights various toxins on a daily basis that can affect blood vessels and other tissues where contaminated blood reaches.

This golden spice helps to remove impurities from the blood by improving the functioning of the liver.

Consume golden milk for memory and brain

That’s right, golden milk can be good for your brain and memory, among other things.

BDNF is a compound that helps the brain promote the growth of brain cells.

On the other hand, when this level is very low, disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease occur.

Cinnamon and ginger in the composition of golden milk help very successfully.

Cinnamon reduces the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and improves brain function in animal studies.

Ginger can also boost brain activity by improving reaction time and memory.

In addition, in animal studies, ginger appears to protect against age-related loss of brain function.

Of course, this research has been done on animals, and further human research is needed to fully understand the effects on memory and brain function.

Improve the appearance of the skin by consuming golden milk

Turmeric improves the texture of our skin.

Gives a much better look, reduces wrinkles, signs of aging, and acne.

Regular consumption of golden milk results in the withdrawal of possible traces of eczema.

Cures autoimmune diseases

The immune system has the ability to protect us from autoimmune diseases.

Sometimes it turns against us for no reason and results in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, scleroderma, etc.

Golden milk and its consumption help to strengthen and regulate the immune system, so there is no risk of developing autoimmune diseases.

Calcium and vitamin D for stronger bones

Golden milk also has one of its many benefits for our health, it can contribute to a strong skeleton.

We all need a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D – two nutrients needed to build and maintain strong bones.

If your diet consists of too little calcium, your body begins to remove calcium from the bones to maintain normal blood calcium levels.

Over time, this makes the bones weak and brittle, increasing the risk of bone diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Vitamin D contributes to stronger bones by improving the ability of the intestines to absorb calcium from your diet.

Low levels of vitamin D in your body can lead to weak and brittle bones, even if your diet is high in calcium.

Although cow’s milk naturally contains calcium and is often fortified with vitamin D, not all plant milk is rich in these two nutrients.

Therefore, when making golden milk using vegetable milk, choose milk that is fortified with both calcium and vitamin D for more bone-strengthening benefits.

Remedy for headaches

A warm glass of turmeric with milk relieves migraines whether they are sinusoidal or just due to stress.

Curcumin increases mucus flow, helps drain sinuses, and improves blood circulation.

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Golden milk can improve mood

Golden milk or turmeric through turmeric can help improve mood.

A study was conducted in which 60 people who had depression for 6 weeks took curcumin, antidepressants, or a combination.

The results showed that curcumin had a similar effect to antidepressants.

While the joint combination showed the best result and positive benefits.

Curcumin has the ability to increase BDNF levels, thereby reducing depression and improving mood.

Improving a woman’s reproductive system

Turmeric acts as a mild phytoestrogen, which stimulates the health of the reproductive system.

Helps increase fertility in women struggling with hormonal weakness.

Golden milk relieves menstrual pain but should be avoided during pregnancy.

Golden milk has anticancer properties

Curcumin has properties for destroying and preventing cancer cells. Golden milk fights breast, prostate, skin, colon cancer, etc.

Cancer is a disease marked by uncontrolled cell growth.

Golden milk also contributes to reducing the chances of cancer.

Interestingly, some research suggests that the ingredients used in golden milk may offer some benefits in this regard.

Some laboratory and animal studies have reported that compounds in cinnamon may help reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can also kill isolated cancer cells in a test tube and prevent the growth of new blood vessels in tumors, limiting their ability to spread.

Thus, the evidence for the cancer-fighting benefits of ginger, cinnamon, and curcumin in humans remains limited.

Moreover, the results of the study are contradictory and it is not clear how much of each ingredient should be consumed to achieve these benefits.health benefits of golden milk

Helps with peaceful sleep

To avoid insomnia, drink a glass of warm milk with turmeric at bedtime.

Stimulates the brain to produce serotonin, causing a feeling of drowsiness.

Bone and muscle pain

Namely, golden milk is recommended for everyone who has a problem with the spine, joints, or bones.

All this is due to the fact that because it literally helps to “lubricate” the spine and joints, but also the whole body.

In addition, this golden milk has a positive effect on maintaining the health of the colon and is considered excellent prevention of cancer of the digestive system.

This medicinal drink has a beneficial effect on the work of the spleen, and at the same time helps in the detoxification of the whole organism.

Also, it has been proven many times that golden milk strengthens immunity, much faster than all other foods that we have previously entered in the form of food, all because of its many antioxidant properties.

Golden milk is full of antioxidants

The golden ingredient Curcumin, which is the active ingredient in turmeric, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries because of its powerful antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants are compounds that fight cell damage, protecting your body from oxidative stress.

Antioxidants are essential for the functioning of your cells.

Research shows that a diet rich in antioxidants can successfully help reduce the risk of infections and diseases.

Most golden milk recipes also include cinnamon and ginger.

The advantage is that these two ingredients have impressive antioxidant properties.

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How to make golden milk

Otherwise, the preparation of this drink is extremely simple.

The first step to preparing it is to make a kind of turmeric paste in the right way.

To prepare this drink, you will need the following ingredients:

– Turmeric
– milk
– black pepper
– olive oil or coconut oil

Turmeric paste

Before you start preparing golden milk, you need to learn how to prepare it at home – turmeric paste.

To make it successful, you will need 150 ml of water, to which you will add 40 g of turmeric powder and a little black pepper (golden milk can be made without black pepper).

Then black pepper is added because with it all the healing properties that are present in the composition of turmeric are multiplied several times.

Once all the ingredients are in the bowl, mix well. Then let the groceries begin to bind together.

Stir occasionally. This procedure should take from 8 to 10 minutes.

In the end, you should get a thick mixture, ie you will know that the mixture is ready when it gets a texture similar to thickened yogurt.

If, on the other hand, the mixture is thicker than what you wanted to make, then feel free to add a little water.

You can freely make the pasta in larger quantities because you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 40 days and it will not lose its quality at all.

Preparation of golden milk

To make one dose of golden milk, you need:

  • 250 ml of milk
  • 40 ml unrefined almond oil
  • 20 g of honey


First, put the milk in a saucepan on the fire. Once the milk starts to boil, add the almond oil.

Let it boil for a few more minutes. Then put the liquid in a glass and add honey.

Finally, add a teaspoon of the previously prepared turmeric paste.

Mix it all well. Golden milk is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime.

This procedure lasts a maximum of 40 days and is practiced twice a year.

Note: For those who have problems with the gallbladder, it is not recommended to drink golden milk, because turmeric has a diuretic effect.

Who should drink golden milk?

This drink is recommended for all those who have problems with the spine, joints, or bones.

Golden milk literally helps to “lubricate” the spine and joints, but also the whole body.

In addition, this golden milk has a positive effect on maintaining the health of the colon and is considered excellent prevention of cancer in the digestive system.

Is golden milk good for children?

By drinking this drink regularly, your child’s immunity will be strengthened very quickly.

Golden milk will also help in the proper growth and development of children, which is really important and should not be neglected at all.

Although this “perfectly healthy drink” is recommended by many for children over the age of three, many people will feel the benefits of consuming it regularly, regardless of age.

Is there enough calcium in golden milk?

A drink rich in calcium is golden milk. So, if you are looking for a healthy drink for your little ones, keep in mind that golden milk is rich in calcium and helps a lot in the proper growth and development of children.

Side effects of consuming golden milk

In normal cases, golden milk does not have any particular side effects.

Even if some of the above ingredients can be harmful to health in large quantities, the dose used for golden milk can not adversely affect the normal consumption of golden milk.

Daily consumption of this drink is considered safe for consumption.

If soy milk is used for brewing, however, if you have thyroid disease, it makes sense to consult your doctor:

The isoflavones contained in soy are thought to adversely affect the formation of thyroid hormones.

However, clear research results are still awaited.


Golden milk is really a golden drink.

The ingredients it contains help to treat and prevent many diseases such as swelling and joint pain, improve brain function and memory, improve mood, reduce the possibility of heart attack, lower cholesterol, etc.

Golden milk also has antiviral and antibacterial effects, improves digestion, and calcium and vitamin D strengthens bones.

Making golden milk is not a difficult process at all, so using the recipe you can prepare it.

Enjoy the health benefits of golden milk and enjoy its taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Golden milk during pregnancy?

As a precaution, you should refrain from consuming golden milk during pregnancy. If in doubt, talk to your gynecologist before consuming it. Alternatively, you can use a variant that is more friendly during pregnancy. Specifically in the preparation of golden milk, simply use a pinch of turmeric instead of a whole spoon. You can refine golden milk with a little orange juice so you do not have to feel the sour note of ginger.

When and how often should you drink golden milk?

Thanks to its ingredients, golden milk has a stimulating effect: it stimulates the metabolism and improves blood circulation. That is why golden milk is ideal for a healthy start to the day. There, decaffeinated golden milk contains, however, cannot be compared to stimulants like coffee or green tea. Those who enjoy a hot drink in the evening can also end the day with it. Even if some ingredients can be unhealthy if consumed in excess, the amounts contained in golden milk are considered harmless. In this regard, nothing speaks against drinking this drink every day.

Can you lose weight by consuming golden milk?

Ingredients like cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger work in a digestive way and speed up metabolism. Although it promotes fat burning, in general, this milk can not help you lose weight. On the contrary: both vegetable milk and cow’s milk contain a large number of calories. Golden milk is indeed a healthy alternative to soft drinks or hot chocolate, but it is not intended to help diet or lose weight.