What Exercise to Choose, we Have Benefits Any Way

Exercise is a great choice for maintaining our health. Are we really aware of the benefits we have for our body, health, and mind? Regular physical activity gives us far greater benefits than we know.

When scientists would make a pocket with all the good things that we will certainly use it for everyone to have the exercise benefits.

For all of us who exercise or want to practice, in the following text we will get to know some of the effects we will have with regular and persistent exercise.

1. Less cholesterol in our body.

Gradually as they pass years our body begins to accumulate bad cholesterol, and the level of good cholesterol decreases.

If the cholesterol for an extended period of time is above the allowed, slowly and quietly damages and narrows the blood vessels,

which later causes problems with the cardiovascular system, which leads to the occurrence of arteriosclerosis.

A winning combination of exercise benefits is a physical activity and healthy eating.

2. Exercise to fewer triglycerides.

With much evidence, it has been proven that exercise affects the reduction of triglycerides in people who exercise. so fewer triglycerides will be so healthy,

and we can reduce the chances of arteriosclerosis and narrowing of the blood vessels,

which is further important in order not to cause other more serious problems with the cardiovascular system.

3. Excellent blood pressure.

As aging gradually, blood pressure increases, resulting in greater chances of heart and stroke strokes, that way we must exercise, benefits is to show very fast.

With physical activity, it is much easier to regulate blood pressure compared to those who do not exercise.

4. We will have much healthier blood vessels.

To have healthy blood vessels and to have good functioning of the cardiovascular system, it is necessary for blood vessels to have elasticity.

As the years pass, it is natural to reduce elasticity and increase blood pressure.

One of the possible causes of elasticity reduction may be arteriosclerosis.

It occurs when we have a very high level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

With exercise and regular moderate physical activity, we successfully spread blood vessels and improve circulation.

In this way, we cause better elasticity of blood vessels in our bodies.

When exercising regularly and continuously, our cardiovascular system is improved for a long time, with durable effects, because the body gets used to exercising.

By the time we are alone, we will have the desire to practice continually, it will become a very healthy habit for our body.

Reduced chances of colon cancer.

In today’s modern times, colon cancer and breast cancer are some of the most common forms of malignant diseases.

Research shows that 80 percent of colon cancer can be prevented. Since the onset of this disease is largely dependent on our lifestyle, diet and, of course, physical activity.

If we try to change the way of life, the chances of colon cancer can decrease by 30 to 40 percent, which is certainly a great opportunity. Let’s start with the changes.

6 Much stronger bones.

With the aging process itself, a gradual reduction in the density of our bones results in a gradual decrease in the density of the bones.

A close result is the occurrence of osteoporosis. A number of scientific studies show that,

if we practice regularly from 40 to 60 years of age, lower the risk of osteoporosis.

We will get stronger bones that we will see results when we are older age.

7. We do not have weight problems.

Working helps to regulate weight, by having a faster metabolism.

Those people who are physically active have much fewer weight problems, unlike those who do not engage in any activity,

that is, they practice the time to spend it in a sitting position.

As we said in the exercise, we get faster metabolism. It helps in the long term if we have been active for most of our lives, a period of inactivity can occur for various reasons.

However, we will not increase the weight of the weight so easily, the body already has a fast metabolism, which does not change so quickly,

which is certainly an advantage for all those who have been practicing a certain period of time.

8 More life.

All proactive attitude of people, in general, has a better and longer life.

Physical activity does very good things in the body itself, it acts very positively on mental ability, self-esteem, and stress, which improves the quality of our lives overall.

We all wonder how much physical activity is needed.

The more it is better for our bodies. With only 1000 calories burned per week you can already feel the difference, and with more calories burning the effect will be even better.