Beer Nutrition Facts, for Better Health

Beer is a popular drink throughout the world. Especially in the summer period is the most requested drink for cooling. We have heard about its good sides when it comes to our health.

The beer is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, folic acid.

From the production industry of beer, it is emphasized that it takes time to change the image of beer and to

realize that beer is actually an extremely healthy and nutritious product if it is consumed moderately.

Today’s text will familiarize us with all its features and benefits when it has for human health.

From the excellent effect for our heart to the protection of caries, but to follow in order.

For a healthier heart.

Many scientific trials claim that beer is good for the heart.

American and British researchers find that per half-liter beer can reduce or prevent the risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

The most important thing is to consume regularly, but moderate without exaggeration.

It protects against rheumatoid arthritis.

In principle, every alcohol, and so beer helps reduce heart inflammation.

It also helps and reducing the inflammation of other organs in our body.

A survey of 1.9 million people has been done, showing that women who drink two or three times a week an alcoholic

the beverage has a 31 percent lower chance of rheumatoid arthritis, unlike those who do not drink alcohol at all.

We can use as a disinfectant of the mouth.

The same quality as red wine and coffee more precisely contains antibacterial properties that protect the oral

cavity from various types of unwanted bacteria and prevent their development.

it protects the gums of the teeth and prevents the occurrence of various diseases.

No matter what the beer has a positive impact, that does not mean that if we drink beer that we should not wash our teeth.

The dental care with paste is the number one protection for our teeth and mouth.

Positively affects our eyes.

People who moderate drink beer, its antioxidant properties act to preserve the vision.

The illnesses associated with vision such as cataracts, studies show a decrease in this disease by consuming beer because of its antioxidant antigenic properties.

Less kidney stone.

Stones in our kidneys constitutes petty and hard layers of minerals.

Most often they occur due to dehydration, which in turn occurs with poor nutrition.

A study was conducted that covered 200,000 subjects, who were given one bottle to drink

The results showed an incredible 41 percent lower chances of kidney stones,

which is a great result and confirmation of the excellent properties of beer against kidney stones.

According to scientists, diuretic properties have excellent things with this drink and other alcoholic beverages.

Many times doctors recommend beer consumption when we have kidney stones for easier destruction and ejection from our body.

Beer against diabetes type 2.

We all know about the so-called beer stomach, but it’s not just as it helps to reduce the risk of diabetes.

15 different studies have been done, and it has been found that moderate consumption of beer and other alcoholic

beverages reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes, for an excellent 30 percent.

In others, It has been proven that moderate consumption of this alcohol, in those people who already have diabetes,

regulates the level of insulin and triglycerides in our bodies.

By drinking beer to healthier and stronger bones.

is a great choice of silicon, which is key to the maintenance of the health of the bones in the human body.

Research shows that a diet rich in silicon helps protect and treat osteoporosis.

There are also other silica-rich foods such as beans, vegetables, and cereals.

It protects our brain.

The silicon also protects our brain from harmful substances that cause cognitive diseases.

According to a study, these ingredients protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

destroys free radicals.

Free radicals attack healthy cells through an oxidation process.

Antioxidants are the main defense and protection against free radicals.

Our organism has its own protection, protecting from free radicals, but to a certain limit.

When there are more free radicals in our body, then we need a larger number of antioxidants so that we can deal with them more easily and destroy them.

Traditionally, it is known that antioxidants are in vitamins C and E, beta carotene.

The beer hops help protect against influenza.

The main content of this drink is hops. Because of this ingredient, beer has a bitter taste and recognizable aroma.

There are many varieties of hops, there are also many varieties and tastes of beer It contains polyphenols that are found in green tea.

A substance that protects against influenza.

Research has shown that hops block the expansion of the flu.

Beer reduces cholesterol.

That is a great tool against cholesterol.

It regulates bad cholesterol and maintains good cholesterol at the required level,

the most important thing is only that the consumption is not excessive, but to drink moderately to have a positive effect.

Moderate consumption.

The beer is healthy and good as we drink moderately. Somebody will say that one, two or three beers are not dangerous.

It’s been proven to two glasses of beer is a normal, healthy and recommended drinking dose.

The negative side of the beer.

The badly affects our body if we overdo it with its daily use.

In such a situation, we will have a bad moment, that is, an increase in blood pressure.

beer for longer life.

Researchers at Harvard University have come to the conclusion that beer is prolonging life.

Due to the fact that moderate consumption reduces clotting of blood that is transmitted to the brain and heart,

prevents the blood from clotting, which is a major factor in the possibility of human infarction.

With this, with salvaged blood vessels and uninterrupted blood supply in the most important parts of our body, human life is prolonged.

Much more vitamins.

The taste of those who regularly consume moderately have 30 percent more vitamins B6 than those who do not drink beer,

and two times more vitamins than those who drink wine.

Apart from vitamins B6 and B12, it contains folic acid.

Council. Drink beer freely because according to all trials, beer is healthy with many benefits for the human body,

making sure to be moderate, no more than two cups a day, otherwise, it will have negative benefits.