Banana Benefits for our Skin and Beauty

Bananas are one of the most delicious fruits. We all know how many benefits we have from their consumption, how rich they are with antioxidants and natural sugars in their composition.

However, many do not know about the benefits of using the banana shell for our skin.

In the following text, we will present you 5 beauty tips exactly from the banana benefits from the shell, how to make the most of it for the most beautiful and healthy skin.

1 It makes skin lightening in those places where we have acne and scars.

We have been in the situation of having frequent acne. Need to and do the following: chop a decoction of mature banana into larger

pieces and apply with circular movements to those parts of the face affects that or where there was previously acne.

Take circular movements until the piece of the shell is change the color and become brown.

This procedure should be done twice a week to have good and visible results.

2 Bananas benefit from refreshing their eyes and reducing the dark circles.

In today’s modern way of living with many obligations, we are often very tired.

the result of this is the appearance of signs of this kind of life on our face.

Dark circles and weary appearance of the skin especially around the eyes.

The banana can help many to reduce tiredness around the eyes.

Otherwise, we take one banana and a spoon carefully we will extract the juicy contents of the husk.

We will mix it with a small amount of aloe vera gel and apply the mixture around our eyes.

Then you have to wait 15 minutes for the mask to work.

In that period of 15 minutes, the best effect will be achieved if we relax relaxed in a lonely place atmosphere.

Then wash your face with cold water. This mask works in two ways.

The Aloe Vera gel gives moisture and nourishes the skin, while on the other hand, the shell of the banana helps to reduce the look of fatigue on our face.

3 Mask from a banana for reducing wrinkles.

Very simple and easily we will make a mask of wrinkle banana.

Only a banana flake should be taken and mixed with one egg yolk.

Mix thoroughly together to obtain a compact mixture.

This cooking mixture or mask apply it on the face and leave it for 20 minutes and it works.

We should also be in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, and, if possible, to rest with the face so that we can have a more effective mask.

Then the face flushes with cold water.

4 Banana for whiter teeth.

With coffee, smoking on cigarettes our teeth gradually lose the beautiful white color, and gradually receive a yellowish color.

With the help of bananas, we can again restore the natural white color of our teeth.

The way is too simple and effective. With the banana, shell rub your teeth around 10 minutes per day.

About one week will see the difference, glitter and beautiful white teeth will again shine in your mouth.

5 Use against bruises on the body.

Some of us very easily get bruises on the body.

Whether you have hit a lot of little bruises appear.

When someone will look from the side really does not look very pleasant when we have bruises,

especially in the summer period if we are on the beach.

Again, the banana shell will help us. Simply just put the banana peel at the place where you have a bruise.

It will turn dark then changed with a new pair is a banana peel.

This procedure should be repeated more often in a time interval of several hours, for example when resting is then the best time to use this method.

6 Banana antioxidant flavoring.

The banana is also used against blisters, which we get if we wear tight or uncomfortable shoes.

The same procedure is done for the blisters. A piece of shell is applied at the place where you have a blister and is holding it for 10 minutes, it acts by softens the blisters.

With more frequent use, we will soon remove the blisters and will We can now freely wear shoes or sneakers.


In today’s text, we showed you some simple, very effective methods for using the banana, or rather their shell.

Apart from the banana and skins of other fruits, they have a similar effect. It can be noted that the most precious properties of many fruits are hidden in the shell.

It remains only to use their benefits.

To have more beautiful and healthier skin, and what is very important is completely free, which will save and use the budget for other needs.