Baking Soda Uses for Health and Beauty

Baking soda uses is a real treasure for health. It is widely used and offers a great number of health benefits. It is very easy to find and buy, the price is very cheap, still called a natural remedy for many diseases.

A number of scientific studies have been done that prove that baking soda without aluminum can be the primary universal remedy for a number of different diseases.

Some research claims it can be used to treat fungal diseases on the one hand, and on the other hand to improve the condition of cancer and diabetes patients.

That is why some researchers emphasize that it should be part of the treatments for the treatment of many diseases nowadays.

We all wonder why it is so useful?

Thousands, or more precisely, millions of people around the world use it in their daily lives.

Some put it into drinking water to prevent so-called acid in the stomach.

In many European Union countries, oncologists have been using it for years to reduce the radiation and toxic effects of chemotherapy.

How baking soda works

In our body, all the biochemical reactions that take place in the cells of our body are dependent on the pH value.

If the pH value is lower, it is a bigger problem for cellular physiology.

The causes of acidic or low pH values ​​are:

  • too much intake of synthetic drugs
  • consuming foods that cause acidity in our body
  • stress
  • expressing and collecting negative emotions

All of the reasons we have listed are causes of cell destruction and serious health problems. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers can occur.

The very fact that our body works best in an alkaline environment and is in favor of baking soda.

Its useful functions are in many areas. By using baking soda without aluminum,

it lowers the low pH value, ie establishes a pH balance in cells.

Bicarbonate soda acts by expanding blood vessels and promoting the release of oxygen into the tissues themselves,

which practically means increasing the pH value itself.

Increasing the pH of the urine prevents the acid from crystallizing in those channels,

which largely avoids a number of consequences such as heart disease, diabetes, heart attack, kidney stones, and other prevention of many diseases

Simultaneous intake of baking soda and magnesium chloride is thought to be helpful in the treatment of heart disease, neurological disease, and influenza. , cells and organs of the human body.

Method of use at home and benefits

If we put in a glass of water a little baking soda and lemon juice, it will reduce the acidity in the body.

Healthy kidneys

After each meal, we can use the following way to get a kidney cure. A glass of water, a little bit of baking soda, and lemon juice will help increase the body’s pH value.

In other words, we’ll get better kidney function. recommended by many nephrologists,

will help restore the balance of all our bodily functions and provide us with improvement.

Easier and better digestion

A popular medicine among us, if we have digestive problems, there is nothing better than a spoonful of baking soda, dissolved in water with a little lemon juice.

Food will digest much better in the body, reduce the acids that can cause gastric inflammation, and esophagus, and we will prevent bloating of the stomach.

If we have problems with elevated acid levels if it becomes difficult after a meal,

feel free to use this recipe. It will also remove toxins from the body and potentially fermented food residues.

For a healthier liver

This drink or medicine does real wonders for better liver function. It acts as a catalyst, helping the liver work more efficiently to purify the body.

Should be remembered that the liver is very important for the body. It purifies the body, blood and synthesizes enzymes and vitamins.

To have a healthy liver, we should use this recipe with baking soda, lemon, and water in the morning on an empty stomach, with twice as much vitamin C and antioxidants insert in the body.

Weight reduction

If we take a spoonful of baking soda, half a lemon juice, and a glass of water, we dissolve it in a hungry stomach.

We get purification of all toxins and waste elements. Increasing pH reduces acidity, and in turn, helps reduce and burn.

This drink should be drink in the morning on an empty stomach, only the water should be slightly warmed. This drink should not be used by people suffering from severe stress and anxiety.

Also, those suffering from gastritis should restrict the use of this drink as it may cause discomfort.

It should be remembered that this remedy is useful for the general condition, but should not be seen as a miracle or a cure.

Teeth whitening

The best-known homemade teeth whitening method is baking soda.

The good news is that it is very effective and the bad that it has an abrasive effect and if used too often can corrode the outer layer of the teeth and cause damage.

It is used so that the brush toothpaste with water and a little bit of baking soda.

Teeth are washed for two to three minutes with a brush and then the mouth and teeth are thoroughly rinsed with water.

It is best to rinse with toothpaste again. applied only once a week, so as not to damage the outer layer of the teeth.

In today’s article, we found out interesting things about the use of baking soda. How it helps our body, a preventative solution to many diseases. Baking soda is an ingredient we all have at home and can use. Certainly only carefully with the amount we use, and the way we of use to avoid any side effects.