How to Put your Baby to Sleep the Easiest way?

How can you put your child to sleep the easiest way, so that we parents can sleep after a hard day with numerous responsibilities and challenges?

A big problem for many young parents is the child’s sleep.

Here are some tips to help you calm down and put your baby to sleep easily

11 Ways how to put your baby to sleep

1. Relaxing massage to put the baby to sleep

Young children (usually for no reason) know how to be nervous.

If this is the case with your child, use the proven method – relaxing massage.

Before you start massaging, smear your hands with baby cream and gently massage the child with an open hand, from the lower body to the head.

However, if your child has cramps, then you should gently massage his abdomen with circular movements in the direction of the arrows.

2. Clogged nose cause insomnia in the child

A clogged nose can be the main culprit, that the child can not sleep.

Before putting him to sleep (if he has a cold), thoroughly clean his nose with a few drops of saline.

Be sure to increase the humidity in the room and put chopped onion in gauze near its head. The room will really smell, but the effect will be very effective and great for the child to fall asleep.

With half an hour of wind, the smell will no longer be felt, and your child will sleep peacefully.

3. The child’s room a punishment or his own corner for easier sleep?

The child should experience his room and the crib as a pleasant and safe corner. So do not use his room for punishment, and sleep as punishment.

Try to avoid the sentence: “If you are not good, you will go to bed immediately.”

With that, you will achieve absolutely nothing, except fear and unconscious revolt in the child.

4. Mild heat helps children fall asleep

“Well, while I was holding him in my arms, he was sleeping. “As soon as I put him in the crib, he woke up immediately.”

If this situation is common, try to put the child to sleep on a pillow and put him in the crib with her.

The reason for this is easier. Falling asleep is because your baby is certainly bothered by the touch of the cold sheet.

5. Space only for the child helps to sleep

“When is the right time for a child to have their own separate room?”

Many experts believe that the best time for this is when the baby stops waking up overnight for breastfeeding.

They also argue that it is best not to delay the decision, because the child finds it difficult to adapt to any new situation.

6. The older child is authoritative

Your child is two years old and still angry when you put him in his crib.

Having an older sibling is a great solution.

Older children are known to influence younger ones, so use this natural authority. Get the children to sleep in the same room.

The older child with his presence in a very effective way will calm the “little rebel.”

7. Room temperature affects children’s sleep

The temperature in the children’s room must not exceed 22 degrees for the child to have a pleasant sleep.

If the child has cold hands, it does not mean that he is cold. The hands and feet, as in adults, are the point of heat dissipation. To warm the child’s hands, put a hat on his head.

In this way, the body will not need to heat the head and will direct the energy to the arms and legs.

8. How to put the child to sleep easier in a dark room

The 2 year period is very busy for both parents and children. In fact, it is a period of first fears.

Before going to bed, take the child and look out the window.

Greet the stars, the moon, observe the light in other homes and tell him that the children go to sleep there too.

9. Do not yell at the child at bedtime for better sleep

Make sure there is harmony before going to bed at home.

Like adults, children find shouting or arguing in the family.

Because the child is negatively affected by the quarrels and the high tone.

10. Dream machine

After the third year, the unmistakable method that will take the child away from nightmares is to make a “dream machine”.

Take an old cardboard box, line it with collage, and put buttons in different colors.

Before your child goes to bed, tell him to “program” what he dreams of, and you will see – success is inevitable.

11. A good fairy from dreams

This is another, very effective technique for relaxing the little ones. Tell the child that you go to bed only because of the good fairy, who will bring him a good night’s sleep.

Tell him that fairy is dreaming of both mom and dad. That story will surely relax him and take him to sleep.