What Asthma exercise We Can Allow

In today’s modern lifestyle, active life itself contributes to maintaining our health in an optimal physical and mental health condition. All who have asthma should not avoid sports, on the contrary, they should practice it more often if they need to.

It is important that they are not exposed to cigarettes. Also, people with asthma impose cold and dry air.

When playing sports you should be careful not to try to exercise when you do not feel good.

Avoid outdoor activity when the air is very polluted because you will count on breathing.

All those who have asthma when starting their training should first easily heats the muscles and the body when heated to drink a lot of water.

If you train a sport, always have a cure for yourself, in any case, if you have problems that you can immediately act and improve your health.

In the event that you do not feel well after taking the medicine, immediately stop with exercise.

Today’s text will talk about asthma and which sports we can use. All those who have asthma do not mean they do not need to are engaged in sports activities.

On the contrary, there are many sports where asthma can be tolerated,

there are even such activities where we can have benefits that can positively affect breathing for all who have asthma.

Many who have asthma are afraid to receive greater health problems, deliberately limit their movement and physical activity, which is wrong if the right choice of activity is used.

They can be freely included in various activities if they know that they will not disturb their condition,

of course, they should not forget the drugs that are prescribed for their use.

The fact is that one of the 12 athletes participating in an Olympics uses asthma drugs successfully coped with it despite their pre-diagnosis.

The following sports can be used even though it has is asthma.


This sport is great for those who have asthma. The swim is good because when we swim,

the activity itself does not include highly intensive cardiovascular training such as basketball or football.

The advantage is the fact that the air around the pool is not dry, which it does not pose a problem or irritation of the respiratory organs in our body.

When we swim in a horizontal position, it can help us release the pathways of the lungs.

The only thing to watch out for when swimming is to avoid swim where there is a lot of chlorine

because he can cause irritation.

Tennis and badminton.

These two sports are also a good option. The advantage is a break during play,

playing a certain limited space and of course the ability to drink water.

With these sports you can take a break, you can play with less intensity for fun and activity,

and most importantly you have control over the pace of the game,

maybe with a weaker or stronger intensity, depending on your current possibilities.


A large number of surveys show that going It’s good for those who have asthma.

Three times a week a walk can improve the condition of people with asthma without having any problems or any complications with the health.

You can make a plan when walking, for example, 5 minutes slow warm-up the body and muscles, then 30 minutes quick walking.


It’s a very interesting and popular sport that suits those who have asthma.

Because Volleyball does not require a lot of running, more play in certain

positions and the game is shared between multiple players that make it easier


A match that suits the asthmatic because it can be chosen speed or driving effort,

which means everyone can ride a bike as it suits him.

In the event of a quick ride there may be a lack of air, so slowly drive and you will have no problem.

You should also avoid driving in mountainous areas, there is much more effort to climb.

There are many well-known athletes who despite having asthma have had a successful sports career.

In today’s text, we showed you some tips for how and with which sports they can deal with those who have asthma, how to play sports and watch out for those activities to avoid having a health problem, which normally none of us wants.