Are Phones Dangerous to Health?

How much mobile phones are bad for our health, the health of our children, and how to prevent negative impact? It is estimated that today there are almost five billion mobile phone users in the world.

Therefore, we must not neglect the impact they have on our daily functioning. We need to know if and how cell phones affect our health.

Mobile phones do not have a significant negative impact on our health, although there are many cell phone connections associated with brain cancer.

How do cell phones work?

Mobile phones have different types of electromagnetic waves.

We need to protect ourselves from radiation, no matter what, small or large.

However, in order to know what we are protecting ourselves from, we must first know how radiating phones are.

By definition, electromagnetic radiation is a physical phenomenon through which electric and magnetic waves, or photons, propagate.

There are two types of rays in the electromagnetic spectrum: ionizing and non-ionizing rays.

Ionizers are strong enough to eject an electron from the atom’s shell and ionize it.

Non-ionizing rays include the following:

  • radio waves,
  • microwaves,
  • visible light,
  • infrared rays
  • ultraviolet rays

Because cell phones emit small doses of low-frequency radio waves, they also use non-ionizing rays.

Harmful effects of phone radiation on our health

Although it can be said that phones are sophisticated radios, they can have consequences on the human body.

However, we must emphasize that there should be no confusion, their radiation is not too significant.

Cell phone radiation and cancer are often linked together.

However, all this type of information is still not constant enough to be official.

What increases the amount of radiation in mobile phones?

What actually increases the amount of radiation on cell phones are the antennas, and here’s why.

The closer the antenna is to the body, the greater the amount of radiation the body absorbs. If we remove the phone, we immediately reduce that radiation.

Higher radiation is detected in situations where your phone has a weaker signal.

The reason is that then the phone uses much more energy than usual, which automatically increases the amount of radiation.

Does phone radiation affect health?

Despite numerous studies, there is insufficient evidence to prove the harmful effects of cell phones on physical health.

Among the short-term effects, an increase in temperature and warming of the skin can be noticed.

While among the long-term effects is still being examined the development of a brain tumor caused by cell phones.

What does cell phone radiation research say?

The largest survey ever conducted was conducted in 13 countries.

The results showed that there was no increased risk of head and neck cancer when using a phone for more than 10 years.

Therefore, radiation is classified as a potential carcinogen for human health. This means that a connection is possible, but so far there is no convincing evidence.are phones dangerous to health

How does cell phone radiation affect our children?

Given that phones are still a relatively new “invention”, this part of their research is still ongoing.

It is certain that today’s generations will be exposed to mobile signals and radiation much longer than their predecessors.

This means that in the future it can have an impact on their physical condition.

How to reduce phone radiation?

If you want to be even safer and avoid cell phone radiation, it is best to use such devices as little as possible.

The less use, the less radiation.

This is especially true for children, which is why it is often recommended not to give them phones, tablets, and the like.

It is much more important for children to limit the use of these devices, as long as their brain and body are still developing.

Tips for reducing radiation from mobile phones

Finally, here are some interesting and practical tips on how to reduce the impact of cell phone radiation:

  1. speak briefly
  2. use messages more often than calls, even though they radiate, this amount is still short-lived, and receiving messages does not radiate
  3. use the headset and speakerphone when making long calls and keep the phone away from you
  4. Avoid storing your phone in your pocket
  5. do not hold the phone close to your head during the day or at night while you sleep
  6. practice when you are able to talk outdoors
  7. restrict calls when the signal is weak, because then the phone amplifies the frequency, and thus the radiation
  8. restrict the use of the telephone in children