Are Nuts Fruits Excellent Nutrition for us

Are nuts fruits excellent nutrition for us? Indian nuts are in fact a special kind of seed from a special kind of apple known under the Latin name Anacardium accidental. It is an evergreen tree that grows about 12 meters high and originates from Brazil. India is the largest producer and for this reason, it is called Indian Nuts.

We all know about the benefits of nuts to our health and the beauty that they give.

But when it comes to choosing the best then, the first place is reserved for the Indian nut.
The answer is very simple – it has many health benefits for our body.

Indian nuts are not only delicious, but they are also good for the health of the body. The fruit of this exotic plant is a true richness of nutrients. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin E, and C.

Other ingredients have potassium, sodium, zinc, iodine, iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, fluorine.

Numerous studies have been done which among other benefits are their antibacterial and antiseptic action, which helps in various inflammation of the body.

Indian nuts have a great role in improving concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to consume, those who sit in front of a computer for a long time, as well as for students.

Proper consumption of Indian nuts

It is best to eat more often in small quantities. It is recommended three times a week for about 20 grams.

You should be careful about the amount consumed because they are high-calorie foods. 100 grams of Indian nuts has an energy value of 575 calories.

In our markets, walnuts are often peeled without peels, because of the toxicity or toxic oils they contain. They can cause burns if they come in contact with the skin.

Nuts help against stress and depression

They contain a very important amino acid tryptophan whose role is to improve mood, reduce depression and improve sleep quality.

With just a few slices of this nut with regular consumption, you will get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Consume two hands of this fruit, the effect will be as if you were taking an antidepressant, just that you will not have any side effects that may arise from them.

You will have better health in your eyes

In the United States, muscle degeneration is the leading cause of loss or loss of vision. Indian nuts contain the antioxidants zeaxanthin, which is absorbed into the eyes and protects against sunlight.

It also helps to protect muscle damage that occurs in old age.

Indian nuts and fats

Many already know that Indian nuts are high in fat, but what about?
Even 82% of the fats contained in it are unsaturated fatty acids, of which 66% is monounsaturated.

Simply put, this nut contains extremely healthy fats, which are excellent for human health, more precisely for a healthy heart, and less likely, for the occurrence of various heart problems and diseases.

They can be consumed with every meal

Rarely do you find any product that fits into every meal, every diet? No doubt they represent a variety of nuts.

Feel free to add them to your favorite breakfast or snack, for lunch in your salad or for dinner. besides some fried food. The choice is endless where they can be used in daily diet.

Indian nuts are caloric foods

Although they are small they are high-calorie foods. Great source of energy and calories so you can function every day.

Athletes especially climbers use them because they are easy to carry, do not take up space and weight, and will contribute to the energy required.

It helps to lose weight

Indian nuts help to lose weight. By consuming one hand of Indian nuts a day, there is an increase in the secretion of the hormone that sends signals to the brain that you are full, thereby reducing the intake of food, more specifically the need for food. food and automatically less food means fewer pounds.

Indian nuts against stomach problems

The bacterium Helicobacter pylori are the cause of gastric problems and the occurrence of gastric ulcers.

This excellent fruit is effective in destroying this bacterium, its shells have anacardic acid, which is believed to kill carcinogenic cells.

These nuts have a wealth of protein

After all, whole nuts are rich in protein and are a great meal to supplement the daily amount of protein needed.

One hand of Indian nuts contains 5 grams of excellent protein, which means consuming them and giving them the least amount of rich nutrients.

Athletes and all those who engage in sports activities should consume immediately after training.

Use them to get healthier skin, bones, and hair

One hand Indian nuts believed or did not contain 98% of the daily recommended amount of copper needed for our body. You may be wondering why we mention copper.

It is very important for the production of melanin, which is a key ingredient in the pigmentation of your skin and hair. These fruits contain a lot of iron and magnesium, which are key factors for healthier and stronger bones.

So remember with a handful of these fruits per day, you get too many benefits for your health.


In today’s article, we cover Indian nuts. A nutritious fruit with great benefits for our body. Very healthy and nutritious, they can be used in combination with any diet.

They have a wealth of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Great fruits, because they are small but enough to have many benefits for your health and beauty.