Are Figs Healthy like We Think or not

Are figs healthy like we think or not? Figs are a true gift from nature. They are rejuvenating fruit and a cure for our health. By consuming just a few figs a day we consume enough vitamins and minerals for our body’s daily needs, which really means a lot to the true value of figs.

Figs have been known in the past and have been used extensively in folk medicine.

Are Figs Healthy is easy to question with an easy answer. Figs are thought to have come from Syria and Palestine. In ancient Greece, figs were one of the main dishes.

While in Rome they were considered sacred fruits. During that time there were 29 varieties of figs, while today there are about 600 varieties of figs known around the world.

When it is the fig season it should be consumed. Fresh figs consume 80 percent water and then have the least calories.

Figs are an excellent source of natural sugar, especially in dried figs. They have a very short growing season and are extremely sensitive, therefore it is best to eat them immediately after harvest.

They are recommended for people with high cholesterol problems. Figs are richer in fiber than any other fruit or vegetable.

And daily consumption is only 5 figs a day. Eating figs we take 20% of your daily fiber intake.

In addition, they are a true source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6.

In today’s article we will introduce you to the top benefits of eating figs that will certainly improve your health, but let’s get started.

Top benefits of eating figs

Figs are a cure for cholesterol

As we already know high cholesterol and triglycerides affect the proper function of the heart. It can be easy to get a stroke or a stroke due to the narrowing of the veins.

Numerous studies have shown that figs have a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels.

stigmasterol and lanosterol, in other words, are plant sterols that bind to the cholesterol molecules in the intestines and thus prevent its absorption.

Against stomach problems

Figs are more commonly used as laxatives. It also has a positive effect on ulcers and gastritis. Help reduce stomach bloating, improves bowel function, and reduces stomach cramps. It destroys warts and intestinal parasites.

Replacement for dairy products

If one is intolerant of dairy products, the fig is an ideal solution. It is rich in calcium, so it is an alternative for all those who cannot drink milk or yogurt.

With figs to fewer viruses

Fresh figs are soothing when they have inflammation of the lungs or bronchial pathways.

Because they contain a large amount of water and sugar, they help to make it easier to recover from the detoxification and exhaustion of the body.

Great fruit for weight loss

Due to the rich presence of dietary fiber, it is used in diets and in people prone to obesity. In its nutritional composition has very low fat, and provides fiber more than any other fruit.

Preventive action against cancer

It has been shown by various studies that the extract of figs, in particular, the benzaldehyde ingredient, reduces the chances of developing tumors.

The figs have an excellent role in the fight against prostate cancer.

Protection from a heart attack

Many people may not be aware that figs are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 which play a very important role in protecting the health of the entire cardiovascular system.

Of course, potassium, a mineral that regulates blood pressure, contributes.

Figs and diabetes

It is recommended for those with diabetes to keep an eye on the number of figs they eat because they contain sugar.

This means that moderate consumption can help reduce the need for insulin.

Better memory

Eating figs regularly prevents anemia and improves memory. If we only eat 4 dried figs a day,

we get a quarter of the daily iron intake of the body, which is great.

Figs also help against acne

We can also make a mask of figs. By making a mixture of three figs and a spoonful of yogurt, that mixture is applied to the face.

Gently apply to the face and leave to stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then face off wash with water.

This face mask helps against acne as if applied to the lips helps against cracked lips and at the same time cleanses the face from accumulated dead cells.

The golden guard of human bones

Figs with a wealth of calcium protect the bones and maintain their firmness and density.

It is very important to eat children, pregnant women, and all those who are likely to develop osteoporosis.

The interesting thing about figs is that the fresh ones contain calcium, but dried figs have 5 times more calcium.

For a better dream

The figs in the composition have an ingredient tryptophane. This ingredient helps those who are suffering from insomnia and those who do not have quality sleep.

A great remedy for hemorrhoids

This amazing fruit, along with other features we have highlighted, also helps to cure hemorrhoids.

The action of the fig is just like the remedies for hemorrhoids, ie it is very effective which is really good for everyone who eats figs.


Eat figs they are a true gift from nature, as we read today have many positive moments when it comes to improving our health, so we should use it in the best way possible.