How to Apply Artificial Eyelashes, and Stay Beautiful

The use of artificial eyelashes is a popular trend in the world. How to apply artificial eyelashes? World-famous persons can often be seen with artificial eyelashes. Inserting artificial eyelashes contributes to a more beautiful and modern look.

Artificial eyelashes are the perfect choice if you want to accentuate your eyes while relaxing from daily make-up.

Even without the use of mascara, these tiny extensions will still make you look very beautiful and glamorous.

When you only apply artificial lashes once in a while, it is very unlikely that you will be able to get away with this way of beautifying your face.

Before you start using them, however, we will give you some useful information on how and how to use artificial eyelashes.

13 Tip on how to apply artificial eyelashes

The danger of bacteria using artificial eyelashes

Your natural eyelashes serve as a cleanser.

They protect your eyes from dirt and bacteria.

One of the most important reasons how to apply artificial eyelashes avoiding artificial eyelashes is the adhesive for artificial eyelashes.

Artificial eyelashes sabotage the target of natural eyelashes, and you can easily get eye infections.

Artificial eyelashes burden the eyelids

No matter how light they are, however, artificial lashes are a burden. Certainly, if you put them on for a while and then remove them you will not feel much of a difference.

But if you wear them for a longer period of time you will notice their weight on the eyelids.

You will get a counter effect, instead of looking great, your eyelids will be lower and you will look tired.

Temporary loss of eyelashes

Just like that, it can easily happen when removing artificial eyelashes, removing some of the natural to apply artificial eyelashes

Especially this can mostly happen in people with thin and weak natural eyelashes, which will not really look good.

Permanent loss of eyelashes

As mentioned, temporary loss of natural eyelashes may occur.

It is worse if you use too many artificial eyelashes, which can lead to permanent damage to natural eyelashes.

To avoid these unwanted moments, the best artificial eyelashes can be used very rarely, or do not use at all if you find that you are losing your natural lashes.

Artificial eyelashes can lead to blindness

Rarely but it may be blindness due to infection or severe allergic reactions.

This is the most extreme condition that can occur due to artificial eyelashes, although it is a very rare occurrence.

Therefore always clean your area thoroughly and nicely. artificial eyelashes both before insertion and after eyelash removal.

Allergy to wearing artificial eyelashes

Often a very harmful adhesive is used for gluing artificial eyelashes. You may not be very worried, but you may be in a situation of allergic reactions.

These reactions can be various itching, redness, which can be very unpleasant.

You need to avoid these unpleasant moments, look for when buying glue without formaldehyde.

Permanent eyelashes are something new to your face

Eyelash extensions are rubbed on piece by piece.

This is done by a beautician who will adhere to your natural eyelashes.

With proper care, the artificial eyelashes can last longer, or about 4 weeks, before they start peeling off and falling off.

Then you will need a new glue.

You have to make two decisions when you want to lash

The two most important questions you need to ask how to apply artificial eyelashes easyyourself are the length of the eyelashes and what material should they be?

Let’s start with the material, eyelashes can be of silk, nerve, or some other material (synthetics). The cost of putting eyelashes in the salon for cosmetics depends on the material of the eyelashes.

Then you need to choose the size and density of the eyelashes. This is important because depending on the situation, different types of eyelashes need at different times.

After the upgrade, you need to rest for a few hours

Your beautician will recommend resting for 12 hours after applying artificial eyelashes.

After all, it is advisable not to wash your eyelashes, not sweat, not to cry, not to swim. This is in order for the adhesive to catch well and nice.

This will keep your eyelashes longer, avoiding redness and eye irritation.

Artificial eyelashes need to be corrected

After a few weeks, artificial lashes need to be re-corrected by a beautician.

The point is that maintenance is more expensive than buying mascara.

You will not be able to give up lashes

Even so, once you put on artificial lashes, make sure you get used to them again. This is because they really get a much better look and beauty on your to apply artificial eyelashes

No matter the price and some inconvenience it can happen, you will surely want to go to a beautician again.

Do artificial eyelashes destroy the natural

As we said earlier in the text there is a danger that artificial eyelashes will be destroyed by artificial means. To avoid this, artificial eyelashes need to be beautiful and of good quality.

If the eyelashes are not properly positioned, you will feel tingling and weight on the eyelids.

In such situations, they can damage the natural lashes.

How to maintain wax eyelashes

For maintenance of eyelashes we recommend the following tips:

  • Your face is recommended to wash every night after applying artificial eyelashes.
  • The best face wash is a face wash gel.
  • Every morning after washing your face, you should gently brush the artificial lashes.
  • Maintenance or replenishment of artificial lashes is recommended once a month.

Final conclusion

Artificial eyelashes are a hit all over the world. They are used by anyone who wants to look more beautiful.

Artificial eyelashes are applied to a beautician with the help of glue. Possible negative effects on the body such as redness, itching, and very rarely blindness.

Eyelashes are the beautician’s skill. Properly applied eyelashes will not cause side effects. Upgrading is done after one month.

Artificial eyelashes are great for improving appearance, and it’s very difficult to get rid of them in the future after first applying eyelashes.