Almonds for Weight loss, nice Skin, and Healthy Life

Almonds for weight loss, healthy skin, and life. Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts for humans. They should be consumed daily since they have many health benefits and they are a healthy choice for eating.

Free to call them ancient food. Originating from West Asia and North Africa. The Romans still called them “Greek grain”.

There are two types of almonds sweet and bitter almonds. Sweet almonds are eaten, while bitter almonds are used to make almond oil, which is used as a flavoring in food and liqueurs.

Bitter almonds have poisonous substances like cyanic acid. But when processed in almond oil they are removed.

They contain a wealth of vitamins A and B, iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, magnesium, and healthy fats.

These nuts decompose slowly and maintain satiety for a long time. The presence of dietary fiber helps the digestive tract to function properly.

A serving of almonds of about 30 grams contains the following values:

fiber3.5 grams
protein6 grams
fat14 grams
vitamin E37%

Eating almonds improve muscle and nerve function.

Almonds for weight loss

Did you know that daily consumption of almonds accelerates weight loss by as much as 62 percent?

These nuts contain fibers that give us a feeling of satiety. By consuming them we need fewer carbohydrates.

As a result, we stabilize metabolism and lose weight. That is why almonds are rightly considered an excellent source of great benefit to our health.

Almonds successfully reduce body weight because they are rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids, help build muscle mass, regulate blood pressure and sugar levels.

They also reduce the risk of a variety of conditions and diseases, including heart disease and circulatory disorders, colon cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and indigestion. To be effective, eat a handful of almonds regularly.

Tip: Your stomach will not become flat overnight.

Almonds are a great ally, but it will not work wonders if you do not change some bad eating habits.

Exclude unhealthy snacks, fizzy drinks that are full of artificial sweeteners, and pastries with margarine, as they block weight loss.

In today’s article, we will share some other benefits of almonds with our health.

Other health benefits from almonds

By consuming almonds less cholesterol

They are most effective at lowering bad cholesterol. If you already have high cholesterol, then eat 20-30 pieces a day to regulate and normalize it.

Healthy hair with almonds

Just like almonds, you will have healthier and more beautiful hair. This is due to the fact that almonds contain vitamins that your hair needs.

With almonds less heart disease

A wealth of antioxidants, magnesium, copper, and monounsaturated fats makes almonds ideal for a healthier heart and blood vessels.

Almonds prevent heart attacks and other heart diseases.

They improve the intestinal flora

Almonds contain probiotics that are extremely important for the production of good intestinal bacteria.

Symptoms such as abdominal pain, bad breath, and bad digestion appear when you have an imbalance.

It is therefore recommended to consume almonds every day.

They reduce the chance of colon cancer

Daily consumption of almonds drastically reduces the chance of colon cancer.

With 3-5 almonds daily you will drastically reduce your chances of getting this bad disease.

Almonds are great against diabetes

Studies have shown that almonds are probably great for people with diabetes who can improve their health by consuming them regularly.

Almonds lower bad cholesterol levels, improve arterial health and maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

By consuming almonds to make the skin more beautiful

They contain vitamin E and antioxidants, which help to make skin healthier and reduce acne.

Almonds are great for mothers after childbirth

Almonds help after childbirth and help in the recovery of the body and increase the energy in the mothers.

After the baby is born, the mothers need energy to recover faster, which will be obtained by nuts.

Babies will be smarter

Research done in Spain shows that consuming 74 grams of almonds a week can make your baby smarter. Research has been done on 2200 pregnant women.

Results show that children whose mothers eat almonds during pregnancy had a higher intelligence test. and the fact that almonds improve brain performance.

Memory improves at all ages of people and slows down the aging process.

Storing almonds

When buying remember almonds that have the same color and smell nice it’s better. Avoid bitter almonds they are not that good.

Store them in a closed container in a dry place and not exposed to sunlight. They can be stored in the refrigerator for several months, while in the freezer for up to one year.

If baked in the oven, bake at 160 to 170 degrees, about 15 -20 minutes to preserve healthy oils in their composition.

Tips for consuming almonds

  • Put chopped almonds in vegetables.
  • Chopped almonds and dried fruit in yogurt.
  • Morning shake with almond butter.
  • Apple and almonds are a great mix.
  • add chopped almonds to the chicken salad.


Almonds are a great choice if you want to weight lose. Almonds are the best choice of nuts. They contain excellent nutritional and healthy values ​​for our bodies.

These nuts contain fibers, consuming them we need fewer carbohydrates for our bodies.

With almonds, we stabilize metabolism and lose weight. That is why almonds are rightly considered an excellent source of great benefit to our health.

The abundance of vitamins and minerals makes them very important for the overall health of people. Eat almonds daily and you will be healthier, more beautiful, and longer-lasting.