Alkaline Water and Benefits

If you drink alkaline water every day, you will get rid of extra pounds. Due to unhealthy foods and habits, most people “acidify” their body, which causes symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, and decreased immunity, and over time, some serious diseases can occur.

Although our body strives to maintain pH balance through continuous cleansing with the help of buffers, kidneys, and lungs.

However, when we experience these symptoms, we can help ourselves by consuming alkaline water.

Alkaline water is a much better choice than the baking soda that people often use because it changes the pH too quickly and does not work in the long run.

Otherwise, in a healthy organism, the pH of the blood ranges between 7.35 to 7.45 which is a slightly alkaline environment that is maintained with the help of buffers.

However, some parts of the body naturally have a different pH value, so the acidification should not be exaggerated, so as not to disturb the natural balance that those parts of the body have.

We can drink alkaline water regularly, every day, especially during the summer days, because it is refreshing, and we can drink it occasionally when we feel strong fatigue, digestive disorders, and the like.

This water allows the body to slowly alkalize, ie to establish a pH balance in the body and maintain this balance in the long run, as a prevention of various problems.

Among other things, it prevents the formation of kidney stones and the development of a number of diseases related to the kidneys, and the retention of toxins in the body.

You can read a recipe on how to prepare alkaline water at the end of the text.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is not ordinary water.

It is water that has a higher pH value than ordinary drinking water.

Proponents of alkaline water claim that it helps prevent some diseases such as cancer and slows down the aging process.

What exactly is alkaline water?

You may have heard some of the different health testimonials about alkaline water.

Some say that it can help slow down the aging process, regulate the body’s pH level and prevent some chronic diseases such as cancer.

The term “alkaline” refers to its pH level.

A pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, a liquid with a pH of 1 would be very acidic, and a liquid with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline.

It has been proven to have antioxidant properties and plays a huge role in the fight against free radicals.

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than ordinary drinking water.

Therefore, some proponents believe that alkaline water neutralizes the acid in your body. Normal drinking water usually has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water has a pH of 8 or 9.

Water that is naturally alkaline is obtained when it flows through rocks, as a source, and it contains many minerals that increase its alkaline level.

There are many companies that sell alkaline water created through a chemical process called electrolysis.

They say that electricity separates some molecules in water and makes it more acidic or more alkaline, but doctors and researchers say these claims are not supported by scientific evidence.

A study published by the World Health Organization warns of regular drinking of low-mineral water.

Alkaline water and health

However, there are several studies that suggest that alkaline water may be useful in treating certain conditions.

For example, a 2012 study found that drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 may help inactivate pepsin, the basic enzyme that causes acid reflux (heartburn).

Another study suggests that drinking alkaline water may benefit people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Alkaline water is safe to consume, but its benefits in treating certain health conditions have not yet been sufficiently researched.

Drinking natural alkaline water is considered safe because it contains natural minerals.

However, you should be careful with artificial alkaline water, which probably contains fewer minerals necessary for good health than its high pH value indicates, so overuse can leave your body deficient in minerals.

How to make alkaline water?

Alkaline water can be bought at many stores or health food stores.

However, you can make your own alkaline water at home.

If you add lemon to a glass of water, your water will become more alkaline!

It is important to use distilled water when making alkaline water at home, as tap water or bottled water may contain additives.

Recipe for preparing alkaline water.

Ingredients: 1 jug (2 l) pure filtered water, 1 organic lemon, washed and cut into eighths or wheels, 1 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt

Preparation: Fill the jug with clean filtered water, add the lemon slices, but do not squeeze the juice into the water.

Then add 1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt, cover, and leave overnight (8-12 hours) at room temperature.

The next morning drink two glasses before breakfast and one at bedtime.

It is not necessary to drink all the water we have prepared in one day, so as not to overdo it with the delicious intake of fluids, but it is good to drink between half a liter and a liter of alkaline water per day, nutritionists advise.

Alkaline water with baking soda

Ingredients: 200 ml water, 1/8 tablespoon baking soda

Preparation: Add 1/8 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass with 200 ml of water.

Baking soda is alkaline, and in combination with water, its alkaline effects are improved.

Just be careful – because baking soda contains a lot of sodium, do not use it if you are on a diet that emphasizes lower salt intake.

Recipe for alkaline water using pH drops

You can get a bottle of pH drops at a drugstore or health food store.

Follow the instructions for use that explain how many drops go in which amount of water.

The drops contain alkaline minerals that alkalize the water you drink.

How much alkaline water can you drink?

Everyone should start by drinking 1-2 glasses of alkaline water a day and gradually increase the dose to 4-5 glasses a day.

Why is it good to drink alkaline water?

Because it is more alkaline than plain water, it suppresses excess acid in our body.

Alkaline water also helps treat diabetes and cancer and strengthens the immune system. Bathing in alkaline water can have a positive effect on the skin.

Helps treat diabetes

A study conducted by Korean scientists showed that alkaline water lowers blood sugar levels.

Another study says that alkaline water can improve blood viscosity in patients with diabetes, which enhances general health.

Improves bone health

As we age, our bones weaken, calcium stops accumulating, and we are at an increased risk of fractures. Some studies have shown that alkalinity can improve bone health.

The general conclusion is that people need to include more alkaline ingredients in their diet to protect their bones.

People who consume alkaline water are less likely to break bones and their bone density does not decrease as much.

However, there is not much research on the use of alkaline water in case of arthritis or gout.

Regulates blood pressure

Some studies suggest that drinking alkaline water may have a positive effect on blood pressure.

But more tests are needed to confirm this conclusion.

Alkaline water for weight loss

In a study of rats, rodents that consumed alkaline water eventually lost weight.

Experts explain that one of the reasons for this is that alkaline water speeds up the metabolism.alkaline water benefits

Helps treat cancer

Some sources say that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, and because alkaline water reduces acidity, it can help treat cancer.

Some experts recommend that patients go on an alkaline diet, which includes drinking alkaline water.

There are studies that have shown that an alkaline environment can enhance the effect of certain medications given during chemotherapy.

According to such studies, an alkaline diet is also responsible for reducing inflammation, one of the most common causes of cancer.

Helps with heartburn and acid reflux

Alkaline water can neutralize stomach acid and relieve the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux.

Alkaline water can suppress the action of hydrochloric acid, an acid in the stomach that helps with digestion because if there is more than that, it can rise through the esophagus.

However, doctors say that more research is needed before we can start using alkaline water as a remedy for heartburn and similar problems.

It has a positive effect on pregnant women

Studies show that women who drink alkaline water during pregnancy have an easier birth and increased milk secretion.

In addition, it reduces the risk of jaundice in the baby.

The results also show that alkaline water has a biological effect on the postnatal growth of the child.

Helps detoxify the body although there are no studies that directly confirm this claim, one of them talks about the importance of the alkaline environment.

Specifically, it explains how tissue alkalinity causes toxins to be expelled from the body more efficiently.

It can help treat skin diseases

Drinking alkaline water can help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and can also help with acne.

Even bathing in alkaline water can nourish the skin enough to have a noticeable anti-aging effect.

Bathing in alkaline water can not harm your skin.


It is recommended to consume alkaline water in the morning on an empty stomach.

This eliminates all the toxins that have accumulated during the night but also hydrates the body. Recommended for all generations, children slightly older than 15 years.

It is great for athletes, overweight people, but also diabetics.

Alkaline water for people with stomach problems and constipation has proven to be extremely effective.

In case of chronic gastritis and ulcers, do not use it.

Are there any side effects from drinking alkaline water?

When you start drinking alkaline water, darker and softer stools and even a runny nose are considered normal side effects, which is considered to be the beginning of the detox process.

These symptoms disappear when the body gets used to the water, which happens within a few days or 2-3 weeks of onset.

Consult your doctor before use.

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