Alcoholic Drinks and Sports can we use Together?

Alcoholic Drinks and Sports can we use Together? Many athletes regularly train well, but their coaches do not want to consume alcohol. When we have already decided to train a sport, the same as athletes and coaches want their athletes to have better results than others.

Today’s text will introduce you to the reasons why you should avoid alcohol when dealing with a sport.

We are all familiar with the fact that alcohol contains a lot of calories.

There is one thing that we often forget, and that is the fact that all calories are not the same.

There are many factors that influence the slowing down of excess fat in our bodies.

This complicates the process itself. However, the frequent introduction of alcoholic beverages is one of the biggest causes that disturb this process.

Alcohol makes an imbalance in calorie intake, then in the intake of fluids in our body and the hormones that are needed to activate for the melting of fat deposits.

Alcohol is responsible for increasing the level of cortisol hormone that produces fatty deposits.

With the frequent consumption of alcohol, the secretion of cortisol increases.

It is a hormone that breaks down the muscles and produces fatty deposits.

With the fact that it leads to a situation of losing muscle tissue means slowing down the metabolism,

which in turn leads to a time when it is easier an increase in body weight will occur.

Alcohol also contributes to the reduction of testosterone, it is a hormone that builds muscle mass and reduces body fat.

Alcohol makes a blockage of bodily processes that reduce or burn fat.

According to recent research, it has been found that the fat reduction process can be reduced by 70 percent,

from the moment we drink two drinks containing vodka over an hour.

All of us will naturally ask ourselves what is the reason for this.

The reason for this is the fact that alcohol prevents the body from using fat reserves like energy.

Our body should have good moisture to build muscle mass and burn fat.

When fatty alcohol has the property to keep out fluids from the body, which comes in a state of dehydration.

Daily consumption does not lead us to skip regular meals.

When we consume alcohol, then we are cheerful, often with alcohol, we eat chips and other products that are not so healthy for our organism.

Such situations can not be condemned, because alcohol itself is a powerful stimulant for appetite.

Research related to this shows that when people consuming beer or wine before or about the time of the meal, they bring in a greater amount of food.

When we eat chips and drink alcohol or more specifically beer, we reduce the amount of fat oxidation to almost zero.

When we consume foods rich in carbohydrates and drink me alcohol, in the body, are stored a lot of calories that are not actually used.

That means that these calories will certainly be stored as fat.

Drinking alcohol comes to the secretion of a hormone known as dopamine.

This hormone is for mood and addiction, so it usually causes a desire to consume even more alcohol and food.

This is especially important for everyone who is on a diet because they will then consume more calories,

and with alcohol and food, they should be very careful with their consumption

Alcohol contains a lot of calories.

It’s okay to drink, for example, a glass of wine. It contains calories as much as 5 teaspoons butter.

But rarely remains on a glass of alcohol.

The effect will be even worse if you mix alcohol with other carbonated drinks, which most often happens.

These carbonated drinks contain sugar, which means if we combine alcohol with them,

we will get an even greater amount of calories in our body, and we will also increase the weight,

which of course no one wants them.

When our body receives a signal that we have a greater amount of calories or is it’s natural to preserve that energy.

In this way, it begins to store it in the form of fatty acids.

When we start to practice this work often, then our body puts in place the fat storage instead to burn them.

For these reasons, frequent use of alcohol causes fat burning to become an almost impossible mosaic of fulfillment.

All that we have said does not mean that you should not drink or eat with a glass of alcohol together with family or friends,

just a warning that you need to we take care of when and how much we should drink alcohol

so that we do not have negative moments related to our health.

It is best if we can limit the intake of alcohol twice a week without consuming food like chips or be in small quantities.