Alcohol facts and 14 Tips about how to Drink

Alcohol is the most common drink at parties and celebrations that is facts, no matter the occasion, many people consume it to cheer, relax, communicate more easily and socialize.

That’s all right, but there is a very small boundary between drinking for fun and a good mood and consuming alcohol that can ruin the fun.

Alcohol facts and 14 Tips

In today’s article, we will find some interesting tips on how to drink alcohol but do not cross the border and have an unpleasant experience.

1. Set a limit for drinking alcohol

Before you go out to think about what you will drink when you go to a party.

According to previous experience, how many drinks will you drink without having an unpleasant experience of 2.3 or more drinks?

It’s not bad for a friend to tell you when it’s time to stop drinking. When you are tired, look for less drink.

2. Never mix drinks

At the beginning of the night, decide what to drink, whether it’s beer, wine, a fierce drink. Then just drink it, don’t mix it.

3. Eat something while drinking

When you eat something when you drink it you will be lighter and drink less, it is best to eat cheese or peanuts because they have protein and will come in great when you drink alcoholic beverages.

4. Watch to drink slowly without rushing

This unwritten rule is very good if you manage to adhere to it because by drinking it slowly you will control the number of beverages, and will allow your body to process beverages more easily, without having serious consequences.

5. Drink both alcohol and water at the same time

It is very important when consuming alcohol to drink and water.

Because alcohol causes dehydration of the body which further aggravates the symptoms of drunkenness. a drink of a glass of water,

which you can best continue to drink and after you stop drinking alcohol.

6. Eat always before going to a party or celebration

Whenever you go to a party or celebration you should eat one hour before the party.

beverages are shown to be absorbed faster on an empty stomach, while alcohol is absorbed more slowly when we eat.

7. A glass of milk a few hours before drinking alcohol

Two hours before drinking beverages, drink a glass of milk. Milk with its ingredients slows down the absorption of alcohol.

However, this claim is debatable and not scientifically proven. The fact is that milk is food and food absorbs alcohol.

8. Count how many glasses you drink

It is best when you are at a party or celebration to know how many glasses you have a drink.

At that point when you start to forget, how many glasses you drink, then you are already starting to judge harder,

which is a sign that there is enough alcohol, and then the best time stops drinking or switch to soft drinks.

9. Men and women do not drink the same amount

Women should not try to drink as much as men. Women can drink less drink than men, and alcohol works faster for them.

10. Drink slowly

The worst option is drinking alcohol quickly. In that case, alcohol quickly absorbs toxins,

and our body does not have time to deal with them.

11. Alcohol and Cigarettes?

The unwritten rule is that when we get into alcohol, we smoke more cigarettes, and everyone says that now cigarettes go well with alcohol.

In fact, cigarettes do make us feel worse, especially if we overdo it.

12. Carefully with the champagne

Champagne can cause problems very easily. Champagne bubbles allow the drink to absorb more quickly.

Sure toast with a glass of champagne, but do not continue to drink more.

13. Sometimes it has to be said enough

When we are with a company then it can be easy to overdo it. It can be very easy to get drunk and ruin your evening,

so it is best to be able to control when we have enough alcohol and stop drinking.

14. When you can no longer drink then is best to cheating

When in the company, it is often toasted, but not everyone will be able to drink the same amount of alcohol.

So if you feel that you can no longer drink, avoid drinking a whole glass,

or inadvertently leaving the glass on another table, no one should force you to drink more than you feel you need.


The drinks can make you feel cheerful and improve your mood, but they can easily ruin your party.