Air Pollution Facts, and How to Protect our self

Air pollution facts and the best way to protect for better health. Air pollution is common, especially in winter. Pollution is greater in large cities. Polluted air can harm your health, as it can damage our brain, scientists say.

Pollution is highly detrimental to the health of both children and adults, as well as pregnant women and future babies before they come to this world.

Research done by the University of London has investigated the impact of polluted air on people from 16 different countries.

The results show intense evidence that there has been more pollution, with more cases of depression.

It is assumed that the toxic particles emitting from cars and industrial facilities enter our bloodstream through breathing, which then results in the activation of the stress hormone.

All of this leads to a deterioration of our mental health, which is really worrying.

Air pollution is fueling the rise of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, experts say.

In the following, we will reveal what health problems can be caused by air pollution.

12 Air pollution facts against human health

1. The ability of children to remember is diminished

Research done by the Barcelona Institute of Health shows that children exposed to greater pollution when they were in the mother’s body before they were born had worse memory tests up to 10 years of age.

2. It can lead to anxiety in children

Research done in the US at the University of Cincinnati shows that air pollution can cause changes in the structure of the child’s brain, leading to anxiety.

3. With the polluted air danger of autism

In fact, researchers in Australia have found it interesting that young people living in heavily polluted parts of Shanghai have an 86 percent higher chance of developing autism.

4. Air pollution increase fat

Experts in Southern California claim that children as young as 10 years old growing up in a polluted environment had an average of 1kg more than children living in an environment with air purifiers.

The conclusion is that pollution can disrupt the combustion process of fats in the body.

5. Pollution reduces children’s intelligence

In May 2009, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco found it interesting to note that children born from mothers living in polluted areas had lower intelligence.

These children had a staggering 7 points lower intelligence than those born in a cleaner air environment.

6. Reduces children’s development

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health claim that those children who lived in busy streets where air pollution was most likely had a problem in their first year of life with regard to communication skills tests.

It is assumed that they have poorer hand coordination and eyes.

7. Shortens life expectancy

A report by the American Institute of Health at the University of British Columbia states that children born today will have a short life expectancy of two years because they were born in a polluted environment or polluted air.

8.Air pollution facts and asthma

About 4 million children worldwide get asthma each year due to pollution, according to a study by George Washington University.

Although there are a divide and dilemma among scientists as to what causes asthma.

They agree that exposure to pollution can cause lung problems later in life

9. It leads to infertility in women

Scientists from the University of Modena, Italy, according to the latest research published in May 2019, show that pollution, like smoking, increases the risk of infertility in women.

10. Risk of miscarriage

Scientists at the University of Utah have published a study that points to the danger of pregnant women being exposed to pollution.

They suggest that future mothers living in a polluted air environment are 16 percent more likely to have a miscarriage.

11. Reduces the desire for intimacy

Research done in China shows that rats exposed to air pollution have less desire and excitement for intimate relationships.

This is supposed to have a similar effect on humans. This is due to the fact that inhalation of toxic particles can cause inflammation of the blood vessels.

As the final effect will be less oxygen and less desire for intimate relationships in people who live in areas with higher air pollution.

12. Danger of breast cancer

Studies show that women working near busy streets have a higher risk of eventually developing breast cancer in the first three years of employment in such an environment.

It is assumed that this is because pollution destroys the gene responsible for the prevention of breast cancer.


Air pollution facts is a topic of concern for all the people of the world. A topic that is becoming more and more frequently debated.

Pollution is a global problem worldwide. As we wrote, air pollution can have consequences for children, adults and in general for everyone living in a polluted environment.

Much needs to be done to reduce pollution, especially in some environments where it is extremely high.

We hope that the more we know about the consequences of pollution, the more it will grow news in people and their contribution to a cleaner world.

We should strive for how we can stop it. Let’s thru cleaning the pollution of our planet, because we will benefit altogether for all of us and our children and future generations.