4 Foods That Affect the Hormone of Happiness

What to eat to feel happy? Eat dark chocolate, citrus, peppers, and chili peppers to feel happy and cheerful during the day.

Happiness is related to many things, financial plans, emotions, but it is also related to food, but how?

When we lack endorphins in our body, we feel anxious, our appetite and desire increase with fatty foods and sugar, we are prone to mood swings, and the risk of insomnia increases.

However you can easily and quickly increase endorphins, you can naturally increase endorphins by exercising, listening to music, art, dancing, humor…

You can also raise the level of the hormone of happiness with certain foods that contain nutrients directly related to the increase in endorphin levels.

Here are four foods that you should eat when you are in a bad mood, and that will surely lift your mood, and you will feel happy and cheerful.

4 Foods to be happy

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, in addition to being very tasty, has other important properties, it contains several different compounds that can be associated with the stimulation of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

To get the most out of it you should eat dark chocolate instead of milk.

Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than milk chocolate, which has a positive effect on health, concentration, and brain function.


Even if you just smell the citrus, it will help you to be happy, it is associated with raising the mood. The typical fresh and invigorating scent of citrus comes from their main chemical component, d-lemon.

Research suggests that this component supports the part of the nervous system that is responsible for relaxation. In other words, it can greatly reduce stress.

Citrus consumption also increases endorphin levels due to the high content of vitamin C. Studies show that high levels of vitamin C increase the secretion of endorphins and promote happiness.

On the other hand, deficiency can increase the risk of depression and anxiety. So eat citrus whenever you can, and enjoy a better mood.

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If on the one hand citrus fruits are known sources of vitamin C, then on the other hand peppers are also full of a number of important ingredients and nutrients.

In fact, believe it or not, they have more vitamin C than oranges.

Besides peppers, there are other fruits and vegetables that are a great source of vitamin C such as broccoli, prosciutto, and strawberries.foods for happiness

Chili peppers

Chili peppers are another great food that will make you happier. Eating chili peppers will speed up the secretion of endorphins.

This is especially true because they contain capsaicin, an ingredient that irritates them.

Research shows that capsaicin is so powerful in causing a pleasant sensation that it is used as a painkiller in scientific studies.

In addition to increasing endorphin levels, capsaicin has been linked to an increase in our lifespan, which is another reason why it is sometimes worthwhile to make food spicier.


Sometimes in order to be happy we need to consume the right food or food that increases the secretion of endorphins or hormones of happiness.

Today we showed you how with four easily available foods you can feel much happier and filled with laughter and joy.