11 Ways How your Body Always to Smells Perfect

One of the topics of beauty that is least written about is how to smell great, ie how our body always smells nice. Because when our body smells good, it makes us much more attractive in the eyes of everyone around us.

There is also the self-confidence that will be greater, as well as the feeling that we are freshly bathed and with a nice smell of our body.

We all know that in the summer we sweat a lot, no matter how much we bathe, sometimes we feel bad, and it does not have to be like that.

So in today’s article, we will share some interesting tips to always make our body smell nice.

11 ways how your body always to smells nice

Today we will not waste words on how to maintain personal hygiene, how to remove unnecessary hair from our body, but we will focus on how to smell good.

1. Find your scent in all categories

You do not always have to be a woman known for the same scent she uses.

You need to find a scent that will not be too intrusive, and yet be a great scent that will not even be noticed.

The advantage of using only one perfume is that you will always associate people with you.

While if you experiment with new perfumes, new energy will be awakened in you, so choose according to your sensibility.

2. Gradually choose your scent

Whether it is a bath, deodorant or body milk, or perfume, you should choose gradually until you find the one that suits you perfectly.

Some people comment that you should always choose perfumes from the same company, I personally do not think so.

Because sometimes they have different durability, they are not all the same.

Although it is not bad when all the scents blend with each other, from body milk, deodorant, bath, and the like from the same company.

3. Avoid consuming spicy foods

When you travel to another country you may notice that people there have a different skin odor. This is because of their food and various spices and other types of food preparation.

The more healthy your diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods, the better.

With the healthy one we mentioned, apart from the fact that you will be healthier, your skin will also have a neutral scent.

4. How to apply the scent in the right way

It is better when the scent is applied in the right places than to put large quantities, it will not help you smell more or better.

The best places to put perfume are pulse points, hair, décolleté, and the like.

Then good places to put perfume are the places that emit heat, and which are relatively close to those parts with which you come in contact with people.

The best thing in my opinion is when you get close to someone and you feel a gentle smell, which will attract you to get even closer.

5. In summer, bring wet wipes and a little deodorant

Wet wipes and a little deodorant should always be in your bag because in summer you will sweat very often, you will feel uncomfortable even though you may not smell bad.

If you put deodorant first, you will only make the condition worse and you will smell even worse.

First, you need to wipe with a damp cloth, and only then put deodorant, so it is best for you and your skin.

6. A small perfume in your purse is a great solution

The small perfume in your bag is a great solution especially when your day lasts long before you come home to take a shower.

Although in reality, not all women leave home without deodorant or something similar, make sure you do not forget it.how to smells perfect

7. Your clothes have an effect on the smell of your body

it is very important what material your clothes are made of, the more natural the better. Because natural materials absorb and emit perfumes in a different way.

Apart from the fact that you will feel much more comfortable in clothes made of natural materials, at the same time, you will smell much nicer.

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8. Scented sneakers, sandals, and shoes

Although it feels best to take off your shoes, you should still use baking soda when you are not wearing them.

Leave the baking soda in your shoes overnight, as it will not only remove the odor but also refresh them for the next day to be like new.

In the morning just shake your shoes and you can put on some of your perfume.

Also, deodorants for the feet are a great solution, they will give freshness and coolness to your feet.

9. Little tricks to smell great

A small and interesting trick is to put some of your perfume on your palms because when you greet a person, they will be delighted by your scent.

This is especially true when you go to the hairdresser or other people who work with their hands.

Another little trick is to put it on your perfume and on the sides of your face, although honestly, this trick is more for seduction.

10. Use menthol-flavored chewing gum

Menthol will refresh your breath and increase your self-confidence in front of other people.

11. Odor capsules in the washing machine

To make your clothes smell nice, and of course, you need to put scented capsules in the washing machine.

Another way is to put a fabric softener half and half with water in a bottle and spray it on your clothes between two clothes.

Not only will your clothes smell good, but they will also even help you iron out the wrinkled clothes a bit.

Lastly, use all of these tips and make sure you smell much better and longer than usual, and everyone around you will be delighted.